Thursday, October 03, 2013

Caleb's Emergency Appendectomy

Caleb had an emergency appendectomy at 6:30 this morning. His appendix was "very huge" and was "very infected." He is in CHKD's PICU recovering. He will be here for the next five days as they keep a close eye on him for infection. He is in a lot of pain and has been on morphine since arriving at the ER in our county before being transported to CHKD.

The doctor said Caleb has an "incredible pain tolerance" and is a "sturdy little man." He has been a trooper during the entire thing. Caleb has already sat up, stood up, and been able to urinate on his own. He is using a breathing device to fight the risk of pneumonia post op. He is on morphine every so often because the pain is intense especially when he moves.

God was gracious. The rupture occurred on a day when all of our family was together. Clint and I were able to leave our younger children in the care of our older children so we could both be with Caleb when he needed us the most. Clint has off work. We were given the most favorable timing for our family.

Thank you for the many phone calls, texts, comments, emails, etc. Thank you especially for the prayers for Caleb and well wishes he has received.

Caleb needs prayer that there will be no infection or pneumonia and that he will regain in strength. 

If you are wondering why other topics are being posted now, the blog posts are scheduled months in advance.