Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Child Sacrifice Still Happens

Child sacrifice still happens today when women kill their children in order to make their life better in another area. When you make that choice, you are saying "______ has more value to me than my own child."

In my own hands, I have held my dead children at the different stages of gestation. I can tell you that even at 6 weeks gestation, they are very much a baby, a child, a human being, and a life. I ask that you watch this video before you do something you can't undo. Your choice will have repercussions! 

I have friends who have cried their hearts out because they made a "choice" out of fear of not having enough money to support a child. I have other friends who didn't feel their relationship could handle the pregnancy. Their financial lives or relationships changed for the better, and they longed for the child they gave up, but their "choice" couldn't be unchosen. They were very broken in spirit. No one had accused them or condemned them because no one knew. It tore at my heart to see how much anguish they were going through from their own internal struggles.

Don't lock yourself into a life of grief. If having a child or adding another child was as bad as some people make it out to be, I would not have seven with the desire to have many more. Children are a blessing, a joy, a reward, and a heritage. 

Please watch the video.

Think about the consequences.