Friday, October 18, 2013

Picts of Caleb's Appendectomy Journey

Caleb asked us to get pictures along the way.
Looking at these is still hard for me.
 photo 3_zps65f782db.jpg
morphine from emergency room wore off
waiting for more relief

 photo 1_zps000fec5a.jpg
Clint's view

 photo 4_zps4d5a9fc0.jpg
my view

 photo 2_zps7b966448.jpg
The wear on my beloved is evident on his face.

 photo 5_zps1f085d0f.jpg
hurting. waiting for morphine. even noise hurt.
The cool cloth on his forehead was all I could do to help him.

 photo 6_zps723f66f0.jpg
He is flushing from the morphine, but relief is coming.

 photo 4_zps6b4b884c.jpg
a special visitor Ali Babba

 photo 3_zps10398b60.jpg
in the game room with Fred, his aggravating IV pole, named after Nurse Heather's wicked little dachshund who ate her kittens and baby squirrels

 photo 7_zpscb820c5e.jpg
drain line prep

 photo 15_zpsbed09f16.jpg
drain line and appendectomy scar

 photo 12_zpsf8815ab5.jpg
One of the three meal bags Child Life Services gave us.

 photo 14_zps839b60e7.jpg
Joshua a.k.a "brothers are the best medicine"

 photo 13_zpsa1d4d035.jpg
PICC pump
This is how they administered the antibiotic, Zosyn, after the iv was removed.

 photo 17_zps4517a959.jpg
2 of my boys

 photo 16_zps71e825b1.jpg
looking better

 photo 19_zps3e3cdb01.jpg
He chose to walk out like a CHAMPION!