Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dangerous virus killing dogs

As a person who has worked with dogs through rescue groups over the last 25+ years, I find this disturbing. This is why quarantine is so important not only in kennels, but also in homes where you are adding a pet of the same species. Many years ago, I personally adopted a dog from our hometown's shelter that had contracted parvo from another dog there. She died before the vaccine could work. The shelter management was very sorry and told me they changed their handling practices after that incident. 

I have a new turtle in quarantine now. The vet says it's healthy, but the vet can't test for everything. That is why they recommend quarantine.

A new virus is hitting dogs throughout the country, and if not treated, it can kill an infected animal in just days. There's no vaccine, it's highly infectious, and scientists still can't say with certainty how it's transmitted.

Read here for more info on this deadly canine virus.