Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's a Good Ending

 photo downsize_zps381a89e7.jpg

End of the story for my truck.

 We donated the truck to the fire department so they could do extraction training exercises in it. A fireman told me he would do that for us to give us a free tow and a tax deduction. We only had liability on the truck, so this kept us from having another expense added.

They cut a huge hole in the side and cut the roof off of it. They put other training cars' doors in the back. We were on vacation when they scheduled the training, so we missed the actual event. I miss my truck, but I am thankful Amanda was kept safe.

They had the truck behind the fire station very visible from the road. The first few times driving by it, I'd cringe at how bad it looked and how quickly Amanda could have been taken from us. After that though, I used the truck as a reminder to praise the Lord. For over a year, I gave thanks and praised the Lord for Amanda's safety every time I went past it.  

You can read the story of Amanda's wreck here and the story of my truck here.