Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda has been in a bad wreck

The truck rolled. 

Please keep her and our family in your prayers. She seems OK. (phone numbers removed)

We are having some difficulty getting Brandon home to watch the younger children. Please pray the college passes on our message about a family emergency

Update: Thank you very, very much for the prayers and concern. Some of you we haven't ever met, but you have put your love into action and showed your concern. We were touched by your kindness. 

Amanda is OK. She has a concussion, a big, deep scrape on the top of her head from where the truck rolled over, bruises to her chest and shoulder from the seat belt, and a deep tissue bruise on her upper left arm. We are to watch her for the next 48 hours. The truck is...uh, well.... (Remember, she is OK!)


This is what it looked like yesterday when we brought home the RV from a camping trip.


This is what I saw when I came up on the scene. I didn't recognize the truck as mine. I thought there had been another accident, and it was going to keep me from getting to Amanda. Then, I recognized the truck and I nearly fell over. I thought "Oh Lord, where is my daughter?!" At exactly that moment, she walked around the truck and waved her arms at me and yelled "I am OK." The man she was with kept telling her to sit down. She told him "No, thank you, when my mom sees this, she will need to see that I am OK!"
(FYI, I did not take pictures until much later.)


Since we purchased it, Clint and I have jokingly debated over which of us owned the truck.
We want you to know we now call it Amanda's truck. She can have it! :-)

I had several first responders (in different conversations) tell me that if you are going to be in a wreck like that, an old Ford truck is the thing to be driving. They said they hold up better and don't crush down on the roof as bad as other vehicles. They told me some graphic stories I'd rather not even think about again for comparison. I'm sold. I am going to try to find her another one to drive.


We donated the truck to the fire department so they could do extraction training exercises in it. A fireman told me he would do that for us to give us a free tow and a tax deduction. We only had liability on the truck, so this kept us from having another expense added.
My daughter was in a rollover! Wow! She is safe! Thank You, Lord!

This was about a mile from our home. I am very thankful to our neighbors who called 911, stayed with Amanda and helped her out of the truck, and kept me calm when they took her away in the ambulance.
I could not go with her because there was no one to stay with the younger children. We were able to get through to Brandon at college, but it took some doing. Clint will have a word with the man who blocked our message and the dean of the college to ensure it does not happen to another family.


Amanda wanted to clean the blood off before her siblings saw her. She also wanted to let her friends know she was OK. We took her to her school where they used their equipment which helped it not be so painful for her very tender head.


Amanda asked me if she could have the grill. I asked why. "I hope to never do that again, so I need something to remember it by." She also said "You can push on those brakes all you want while you are upside down, but they don't work in that position! It will not stop the truck!" She said she was pushing the brakes for all she was worth just wanting it to STOP!

Clint and I are filled with overwhelming GRATITUDE to a gracious and loving Father who spared our child's life today. We were told by an officer that if she had been speeding or in a smaller car, she'd have not survived. This was right next to an area of road where Clint and I worked a fatal accident. There is an issue with the road in this area. Roll over accidents account for only 3% of vehicle accidents, but those 3% account for over 20% of fatalities of all crashes. (Some statistics show 1/3 fatalities in rollovers.) We have many reasons to praise, and no reasons at all to complain! We are blessed, blessed, blessed!

Update per request for info: This accident was not due to distracted driving. She was not using her cell phone or text messaging. She was driving and came off the road just a bit and the tire went into a hole. That started a chain of events. We believe she oversteered when she hit the hole and then over corrected. Inexperienced driving contributed.

Psalm 5:11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

Psalm 91:14 "Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.