Saturday, January 04, 2014

Pearl Has Personality

 photo b_zps35dabb90.jpg

Amanda asked for a spoiler for her car and requested we take her to the junkyard to get it. She removed one from a green car first and planned to paint it, but her mama found her a white one later. I didn't get a picture of that because I was helping her get it off the car and was also helping a man who asked to borrow some tools.

 photo a_zps82d3f21b.jpg

 photo pearlaccessorized_zpsfac6d45a.jpg

Clint helped her install it on Christmas Day. She was worried about drilling the holes in the wrong place. She offered to help him change his brakes later as a thank you for the help. For Clint, it's more time with his daughter and an opportunity to refine her independence in life skills.

 photo eyelashes_zps116c0413.jpg

Brandon bought her both sticker eyelashes and these plastic eyelashes for her car in case she preferred one over the other. He's a great big brother!

 photo pearleyelashes_zpsfe44e78e.jpg

Pearl with her eyelashes!