Monday, March 31, 2014

A Company with Great Customer Service

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partial screen shot

I purchased this spice rack at a second hand shop because it would put the spices I use the most at my fingertips on my food preparation counter. I've wanted one for a long while and could not pass up the opportunity to get one for $10! 

Well, one of the caps was missing the black flip-up lid. I found the manufacturer, Olde Thompson, and wrote them to see if I could purchase a replacement from them. If not, I would try to find one that fit or attempt to fashion my own.

Olde Thompson's fabulous customer service wrote me back very quickly. They were extremely courteous and professional! They also told me they would mail me one for free! Customer service like that is remarkable today! I will be more apt to purchase things from Olde Thompson because I know they will stand behind them! 

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