Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How I Stopped Changing the Toilet Paper Roll So Frequently

In our family of nine, we go through toilet paper like water. I was changing the toilet paper roll twice a day on some days! Even having a double roll dispenser in one bathroom, it still needed to be changed very frequently. In addition to that, the toilet paper roll holders didn't hold up that well to heavy use. We tried plastic, oak, and metal. I have enough to do already, so I looked for a solution. I found one that is working well for us and am sharing it here for anyone who can benefit from it. 

I use a basket! I fill it with 6-8 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, and I am set for almost a week! The baskets that are tall and narrow work better to keep the toilet paper in reach. The wicker magazine racks with legs work nicely also. You can buy a used basket and paint it to whatever accent color you want. I keep it on the wall side vs the bath/shower side of the toilet to keep the children from getting it wet.

I have to mention my appreciation for the big boxes of PomPom toilet paper! It's a favorite with my medium sized (like mine) and large family friends. Yep, it's cheap, but that's not my favorite thing about it. When you have little ones around for 20+ years, you learn to appreciate how thin PomPom is compared to other toilet paper. It doesn't clog up the toilet as easily! What a blessing!

Changing the toilet paper may seem like a small task of little importance. When you have scores of little things that have to be done daily, it makes a difference when you start eliminating the ones you can. Using a basket, along with eliminating other small tasks, helps me save a few minutes to put towards something I value more like going on a bike-in picnic and fishing trip!