Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Understand Introverts Chart

I can relate to a lot of this article. Introversion isn't an aversion to people. It's needing time alone to recharge before you have more meaningful interaction. I tend to give a lot to others and because of that, interaction can be very draining. I actually enjoy people very much but prefer to know them in a one on one setting than a party or big outing. Getting to really know a person is more important to me than "just spending time" with them. I like deeper conversations instead of small talk. 

Extroverts are like butterflies. They flit from one person to another and the interaction of all of the beautiful flowers recharges them. Introverts are more like a honey bee. They work to gather details and understanding and then try to leave something useful behind with the person. Introverts also tend to be very creative and enjoy self expression through writing, music, and art.

Just because a person recharges in solitude does not mean they do not get out there and meet people and do things. I have worked natural disasters and found it very fulfilling. However, I also had to take time to recharge to keep doing it long term. The pain and anguish of the people stayed with me and were hard to shake. 

One of my closest friends is very extroverted. When we work together we make an awesome team. She reaches many people in small non time consuming ways. I reach fewer people but make a deeper connection with them. We say she spreads the seeds, and I cover them with soil and add fertilizer. She realized she needed to slow down and connect better with people while I needed to limit the depth of the interactions to reach more.

Introverts find it easier to meditate on Scripture and connect with the Lord in prayer because it requires a stillness of the soul extroverts find more difficult to achieve. We thrive with time alone to do an in depth Bible study. Extroverts can find it easier to organize their friends to come together and help others, but they can struggle with self absorption and needing attention. They often like to learn through interacting with others. That can be very beneficial or detrimental depending on the knowledge and wisdom of those they are seeking out for godly counsel. Introverts would do well to couple the Bible study with godly counsel while the extroverts would be better able to judge the counsel they receive if they spent more time meditating Scripture. 

Extroverts and introverts shouldn't envy or reject each other but understand and encourage. Both personalities have a lot to offer and can learn a lot from one another. God has a plan and purpose for each type just as He has a plan and purpose for individual temperaments. We can use our strengths and learn to overcome our weaknesses for His glory.