Friday, November 07, 2014

Cooking for Large Families: Skip the Crockpot, This Works Better

One of the best cooking tips I have ever received was to stop using my slow cooker. What?! Stop using that wonderful time saving crock pot that keeps meals on track in the evenings when my energy is lagging?! Yes!

I now use an 18 quart roaster on the slow cook setting. It allows me to double or even TRIPLE recipes without worrying about liquids overflowing. I easily can cook enough for my family and company, or I can cook enough for now and have some to freeze for a quick meal later. 
I love that I can move it to a spare room in summer to keep the heat out of the house. When we camp, I will take it with us since I know I can set it outside on a table to save room in our RV. I still use my slow cookers sometimes, but these days it is usually for side dishes or smaller meals. 

My man Clint says it is a fine way to cook spicy Italian sausage, onions, and bell peppers!