Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantams and Rabbits

 photo duccle2_zps0abeb51d.jpg

 photo duccle3_zps6cf7e2f3.jpg
This is a full grown rooster and a 5 lb rabbit. 
These true bantams are very small chickens!
Rosey thought the chicken found a morsel and was moving in quick to check it out.
The rooster gave her a warning!

 photo ducclebunnies_zps12922ab0.jpg

 photo duccletrio_zpsea370868.jpg

I love our Mille Fleurs "thousand flowers." We currently have six and plan to keep some chicks to enlarge the flock. I've been rotating the roosters through the greenhouse where the three hens live. Other times, they occupy the other two rabbit colonies. Rabbits and chickens do very well together and can, if managed correctly, compliment each other. My rabbits leave behind the little seeds in the hay which the chickens will eat. The chickens provide the rabbits with pest control.

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