Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Prayers for Luke

Those who have been reading for a long time may remember prayer requests for a little boy named Luke. He is a special needs child of dear friends of ours. He has stopped breathing and has had some scary respiratory infections. He is now 13 and can walk with a walker (which is much more than what doctors predicted for him). Health wise, he will always have his struggles, but he is in a better place because his amazing mother learned Luke responds very well to essential oils. They've been able to reduce a lot of his medications. 

Luke fell yesterday and broke his leg. While most children could adapt easily, Luke is struggling with the being still part. Please keep him in prayer for calm and for him to stay still until his bones are knit back together. Thank you for praying for Luke!

you are never alone in your struggles

 "I wrote at the start of this book that I believe there are no coincidences in life, no chance meetings and no random events' there is a plan for each of us, a force that brings us together, then twists and binds us into a single length of rope that is attached to our destiny. I said that you were meant to read these words, that this message is for you and is now a part of your plan. This message is to have faith, ruthless faith, Job-like faith. A faith so complete it transforms your life from ordinary to extraordinary. A faith that allows you to press on with the certainty that you are never alone in your struggles.

I believe that all of the challenges in our lives are part of God's unique plan for each of us. This plan comes to us over time in parts of a puzzle. Each piece is delivered to us by strangers, friends, family members, and the random people who come into our lives every so briefly and bring with them a critical piece of the puzzle.

There are some of you who already got this message and are living an amazing faith filled, adventurous life. There are others who question if there is a plan for them or if there is really an all-knowing God. If you are in this group, then I ask you to consider the idea that the random coincidences in your life might be God's way of communicating with you." A Warrior's Faith by Robert Vera

I am glad I know of Ryan's story and his relationship with and impact on the author, Robert Vera. Robert tells the story of Ryan Job in a straightforward conversational manner. I often felt like he was sitting across from me imparting the lessons he learned about the amazing life Ryan Job lived. This book was recommended by a friend whose loved one has a traumatic brain injury. She also derived a lot from the book. This book reinforces that very bad things happen to very good people but by the grace of God they can be victorious and can lead a life that inspires and encourages others. Our suffering only limits us if we allow it to damage our attitude. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

For He will abundantly pardon

Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, And the unrighteous man his thoughts; Let him return to the LORD, And He will have mercy on him; And to our God, For He will abundantly pardon. Isaiah‬ ‭55:6-7‬ 

Smart Tortoise


Please excuse the dirt. It's "mud season" here. Eight of them, one of me.

I am very happy with my two Redfoot Tortoises Chevelle and Ranger.

They do seem to be smarter than some of the others I have worked with over the years.

My Sulcata, which has been rehomed to a reknowned herpetologist in our area, was very smart too.

I took Chevelle out the door to sun on our large deck one time. 

Now, she goes right to the door and will try to push her way out.
For HOURS if I let her.
I do not know how long she will go before she will give up because I give in before she does.

I have to make sure the door is latched and remind the family to keep it latched.
I have to be very mindful when they are out for exercise because there is so much coming and going here.

Even in winter, I try to give them at least half an hour a week outdoors depending on the weather. Natural sunshine can not be beaten!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Thursday, January 21, 2021


I firmly believe we need to be in continual prayer for the safety of our military and the security of our nation.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Em's Favorite Song

Emily's favorite song right now.

Here is another favorite of hers.

She told me about how she enjoys these songs while we were peeling, blanching, and dehydrating potatoes. She planted the peelings and potatoes with eyes in two compost piles today, so we will have potatoes to dig around March 17. Potatoes on St. Patrick's Day! Very fitting!

Young moms, I was told by a very wise woman to work alongside of your children and to listen to their hearts. I am so thankful I took that advice. I love knowing what is going on inside of my children which allows me to better pray for them. The key phrase is LISTEN to THEIR hearts. This is not a time for instruction but a time for listening and discernment. If something they say is troubling to you, pray on it first and then talk with them to help steer them through difficult places. The godly older women who helped shape my motherhood did not just appear in my life. I had to seek them out. 

Suburban Steal


On my birthday weekend while setting our on our travels, we found this Suburban for $1000 and decided to check it out.

The owner's father is a local mechanic we know, so we were able to learn it had a minor issue. He did not have the time to work on it and needed it sold. It ran, but ran rough. So, we prayed about it and felt led to buy it. Clint drove it home while I drove home his Durango. 

(That was my first time driving his Durango, and I may or may not have opened it up on a familiar and very little used road. Boy, is that a peppy ride! I could hear the gas being gulped as I took flight.)

Clint spent $20 on parts and about four hours making a minor repair. 
It runs as good as new! 

Then, we were able to make $350 immediately using the suburban. We have since made ourselves another $200-250 on one run and another $250 on a second. At this rate, this vehicle, which was dropped into our sights when we least expected it, will pay for itself in no time! God is so good to His children!

Dear Reader, Every where the Lord has led me has been good. There have been some rough roads that took me beyond my limits, but those uncomfortable places are where I have grown the most. At the end of those difficult journeys, the reward has been greater than I could have imagined. It does not matter if is something small like the purchase of a vehicle or a major life decision during scary/uncertain/exhausting times such as submitting to His unrelenting call for to relinquish control over my womb into His control (while I was vomiting and bedridden from Hyperemesis Gravidarum multiple times a day. It took a gigantic leap of faith!) Every where He has led me has been good. In fact, it has been much, much better than I could have imagined for myself. I encourage you to let Him lead you in all areas of your life and see what great places He takes you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

More There Now?

A friend who works in Damaged City said they are seeing more bodies, less traffic, but still people on the sidewalks living life. They asked a local if they were worried or afraid. Nope! They see weirder stuff than what is happening now all of the time!

Dear Reader, Our job right now is to pray for the safety of our people and the security of our nation. 

Prayers for Shammy, aka Richard S

If you have been reading here for a while, you have seen his name. He's been very good to our family. He is having back surgery on Monday and will be out of work for five months. He's put this surgery off for 10 years, but he can't take the pain any more. Please pray it goes well and that he heals fully and can live a pain free productive life. Thank you to all who pray for our friend. 

We love you, Shammy!

https://gab.com/KTHopkins/posts/105579924228666434 It may take a few good tries to get it loaded since Gab is being hit so hard. This lady is seeing the same thing we saw. 

Monday, January 18, 2021



You are looking down the blocked off streets in my pictures. If you were to turn around, you'd see traffic. The sidewalks had people walking dogs, pushing babies in strollers, electric bikes and unicycles and scooters, joggers, etc.

Dear Reader, God is in control! We are safe in His Hands! The best thing we can do is pray for our nation, our military, and prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physcially. My love to all.

Yes, we went there.

I was asked to be careful in how I share. 

Yes, we went. You know that feeling you get when you feel like you are being fed a lie? It's not the first time we have checked something out for ourselves. 

We drove around the area 20 times over two days to try to help us understand. We spent hours observing.

We did not see evidence of 25k. Hundreds, yes. A few thousand, we could see our way to believing that.

There are not the bodies, the vehicles, the support system, or the movements for that many. What is present seems far less.

There is the "money shot" that you are seeing from different sources with the C building that is the topic of so much conversation in the background. That particular spot is very clearly set up for the photo op. 

The other roads which are closed do not have any where near that same presence. Some only have a snowplow. Another road had a box truck. Some roads had a police car. Some roads only had traffic cones. The BP people who guard the fence down south were guarding one road. 

Logically thinking, if there were that many there, wouldn't you also see the  vehicles needed to move that many around there too? And, if in such numbers, would they need to use the snowplows, box trucks, etc? Wouldn't they just use their own vehicles to send a stronger message? 

We are sharing our observations and thought processes. That does not mean we are right. There could be something we are missing. Maybe they flew the builk of them in and they are all inside buildings or underground? Maybe the other 95-98% aren't coming until tomorrow and Tuesday? That would be a massive undertaking in a short amount of time. Still could be possible even with reports saying most of them are there NOW. We can't figure out where they could hide all of those bodies and vehicles and support tents, food, bathroom facilities, etc for that many out of sight. 25k is a massive number. 

If there were even close to that many there, we would have seen some kind of evidence to support that. 

The traffic in that Damaged City was heavy so people definitely are not avoiding the area out of fear. The people were relaxed and living life as normal pushing baby strollers, walking their pets, biking, jogging, and just standing around and talking. There were scattered buildings boarded up but not as many as it was made to seem. 

The Natural Guardians :-) were relaxed, joking around with each other, a few were dancing due to the cold, one was smoking, some were sleeping in the trucks, others eating, etc. I danced in my seat with one. I waved and smiled at several, and they returned the same greeting.

The main place "for the crews" had the weapon out, but the majority did not have them in view. Why is that one spot "done up" so well while the others are present but definitely relaxed? Why would only that one spot be so well protected while others even closer to some of the areas had much less? Was it because of the view of the building behind it? Does the media use sensationalism? For what purposes? 

I overheard one citizen reporter talking into his phone as he recorded a street that had very little in place. He was saying pretty much the same as you are reading here.

Clint and I were doing a run when we decided to just go see for ourselves. I took some pictures, but I only had my cell phone. As soon as I can, I'll share those separately. 

Dear Reader, I do not often share my opinions on politics simply because I am not here to convince anyone of the rights or wrongs of any political party. A focused soldier does not muddy the mission. My mission is to share God's great love for mankind through His redemptive plan of salvation. That being said, I encourage you to take what the media says with a grain of salt. This is not the first time we have investigated and found contradictions in a big story. Be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Our enemy is very cunning, and one of his trademarks is deception. 

Also note how you respond to things you see on the news. Are they informing you or are they telling you what to think? Does what you learn from the news make you question, research, investigate, observe, and think for yourself? Or, does it trigger an emotional response from you? Makes you FEEL a certain way? People are so very easily led by fear and other emotions. That's why our enemy uses those tactics. Ask God to protect your heart and mind and to give you insight to the truth. Love to all.


A Few Christmas Picts




Sunday, January 17, 2021

Is the Bible still relevant today?

 Is the Bible still relevant today?

Is a rock solid foundation worthy of holding up a temple?

If you believe in God, then why do you not believe in ALL of His Word?

Are you studying it and asking Him for understanding, or are you looking for an excuse to not obey/not believe?

Saturday, January 16, 2021



It made me so very happy to see Kenny again!

Joy flooded my heart to see this old paratrooper and hear him call me "Baby doll" again. He has a daughter my age, so he talks to me just like he does her. I love him! I thought he had died and had been trying to figure out how to contact his family who all live quite a ways away. Now I know why my buddy was gone...

Kenny had something happen to him that created a perfect storm in his body. The doctors say they do not know exactly what happened or what caused it. He had three days where he was out of his mind in his home crawling on his hands and knees yelling things that did not make sense. His arthritic knees locked up on him in the fully bent position. He can't stand up. He lost his memory and was very confused. A state trooper called to do a wellness check found him passed out in front of his floor. He was in the hospital for two months and then in a rehab facility for two months after that. For the first few weeks of his hospital stay he had no memories of anything and was very combative with the nurses. I do not envy them one bit of what they went through with this old cuss. It took three of them to care for him each time. I love him, but he's a very hot pan to handle. I seem to have a knack for making connections with these saucy old guys. 

Oh, and evidently doctors did not find cancer like they had thought. 

His daughter set his home up to make things easier for him until his knees can stretch again. He did not want the surgery, so they are doing a slow stretching with a brace. He can get in and out of the bed with his arms by rolling and has an alert button. We will visit and give him a hand with things every time we are in his area. I will try to make extra overnight trips to his city keep him company. I told him I wanted to learn the stories of his pictures. He told me to look in his closet. I found a STACK of big old portraits! 

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Kenny! He's back, and my heart is so happy! I'm smiling from ear to ear with moist eyes as I type this. Thank You, Father, for letting us see Kenny again!

Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.
I John 16:24

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Friday, January 15, 2021

If Unity Equals Strength, Then What Does Separation Equal?

"Satan always hates Christian fellowship. It is his policy to keep Christians apart. Anything which can divide saints from one another he delights in. He attaches far more importance to godly intercourse than we do. Since union is strength, he does his best to promote separation." C.H. Spurgeon 1834-1892

Dear Reader, This quote can apply to all relationships in a Christian's life. Satan is a liar, a thief, and a destroyer who works hard to divide us. We are in a fierce battle. There are eternal consequences. Don't play into the enemy's hands. Let go of pride and love on those within your reach. It won't kill you, and it will glorify the Father which is something we should all desire. For those who won't play nicely, well, love on them anyway! If you are the one who caused the division: don't let shame keep you from folks who forgave you a long time ago. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Christmas Ornaments 2020



some of this Christmas's Asbell ornament creations

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

LORD stands beside me

 "But the LORD stands beside me like a great warrior. Before him my persecutors will stumble. They cannot defeat me. They will fail and be thoroughly humiliated. Their dishonor will never be forgotten." –Jeremiah 20:11

Dear Reader, With the Lord standing beside us, we can't lose. What a reassuring verse!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Prayers Needed

1/12: HE (Mr. B) is not seeing improvement on his breathing. He is coughing a lot and is still on 02. If he moves around, his levels drop. Mr. B's next appointment is Thursday.

1/11: There are a few appointments this week for this fantastic Christian couple. Please keep them in prayer.

1/8: HE is home and still on O2. He's been back to the doctor twice. There is a spot on his lung that may be a mucous plug or cancer. He has to go for more testing soon. SHE has several doctor's appointments this week. 

12/23: I had meant to update sooner, but I was having a charging issue with my laptop.

Our family friend with the heart issues had a "bandaid" procedure to see if it helped with her breathing. Her testing revealed she has two forms of lupus and parvo. They are thinking this may resolve, so they are waiting to see before they do the more invasive heart surgeries. 

They do not know if her breathing is any better because her husband was hospitalized yesterday due to his lungs being "full of pneumonia." His O2 levels go down to 70% when he moves around. He is on steroids, extra O2, and two strong antibiotics. The small community hospital was going to transfer him but decided at the last minute they could handle it. 

Clint and I love this family and especially this couple. They are strong Christians and have been mentors to us as parents. Through Christ, they have triumphed over so many trials. Please lift them up during their time of need. Thank you for the prayers you lift on behalf of them.

I'll add this post to the other post and bump it up date when I am able. Today is about putting out fires and preparing a time for our family to worship and celebrate the gift of Jesus.

A fourth graduate!

Despite the delays and confusion caused by CoVid, Joshua has graduated from college! That is a third Asbell graduate! 

He had been told the last exam was hard and very few before him performed well taking it. He aced it with a 100%! 

We are very proud of you, Joshua!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Please Pray for Timmy

1/11: Joshua took Timmy some food and visited with him for a while Saturday. Timmy says he feels MUCH better. He does not need the 02 any more. Thank you for the prayers.

1/8: Timmy was told that his CPAP machine damaged his lungs. He was sent home yesterday on O2 and steroids to help with the inflammation.

1/6 10 a.m.: Timmy, our neighbor who is like family to us, is in ICU. His lungs are not working properly and are in danger of collapsing. It is not CoVid related. It may be related to Muscular Dystrophy. He went in on the fourth. I spoke with him on the phone yesterday, and they had not given him any answers. He is suppose to be moved from ICU today. He has not been given any answers about how long he will be there. 

Repost: The Illusion of David and Goliath

Someone suggested I share this again, so I am.

First shared Nov 4, 2019:

The Illusion of David and Goliath

Here lately, our family has been surrounded by big, scary situations that came at us all at once. We were surrounded by an army of giant situations that looked harsh and ugly. Most of them were resolved shortly before Caleb's surgery. 

Before Caleb's second lung collapse, I was talking with the Lord. I said, "Father, we are so weak and powerless in these different situations. It's like we are surrounded by an army of Goliaths. My family is the wee David in these many battles. I don't even know which to face first. I know you have a plan, but where we are is scary. The Goliaths are many. We are weary, and our lives are very disrupted. Please help us. Please help us to learn the lessons you have for us in these situations and to move through this time quickly. Please help me support my husband as he leads our family through this time." 

The Lord impressed upon my heart, "It's an illusion." 

I pondered on that for a while. An illusion is something that is understood incorrectly. An illusion is not reality. How something looks is not always how it actually is.

Goliath was a braggart who daily challenged God's people. He appeared huge, mighty, well armed, loud, and so very intimidating. Just the spear blade weighed 15 times more than a normal one would. Goliath was massive and very strong. 

I Samuel 17:24 says ALL of the soldiers ran and hid when Goliath came out. Friends, that is a fierce challenge when all of the people around you are running and hiding. How proud Goliath must have grew as he threatened, mocked, and challenged God's people day after day while the Israelite army cowered and looked to someone one else to solve the problem. King Saul was the leader of the army, and he clearly didn't have an idea of what to do. Goliath's image of himself and his fierce reputation grew every day the king and the soldiers stayed still. Sometimes, our fear, indecision, and inaction can allow things to grow very large and scary in our minds.

David was a lowly shepherd youth who liked to write songs. That's not exactly a rough and tough image! He had a sincere and humble heart, a willingness to serve, and a strong faith in a living God. His father asked him to go check on his brothers who were in Saul's army. 

David arrived, saw the problem, and asked some soldiers, "Just who is this Philistine think he is that he can challenge soldiers of the living God?!" David was indignant. His brother overheard David and was offended. He jumps on David verbally and accuses him of being there under false pretenses to watch the battle. He misjudged David's heart and tried to make him out to have bad motives. We do that to each other. Forgive it and get on with loving those people.

King Saul told David he could not fight Goliath because he was too young and because Goliath was raised from youth to be a soldier. The king believed David would be slaughtered. The soldiers had to have uttered their disbelief when David walked to meet the angry giant naked of armor carrying only pebbles to a sword fight. "What does he think he's doing? He's making a huge mistake! He'll never succeed!" I just can't see the men who were hiding in their fear instead of walking in their faith giving David encouragement. People often try to hinder us from going where God is leading. 

David's faith was mighty, and the God he had that faith in is all powerful. It didn't look like it, but David had every advantage and was a sure win! All Goliath really had was his size, pride, and bluster. He looked fierce and mighty, but he in reality was defenseless against the one who had the Lord going into battle before him. If Goliath could have really seen Who was going before David into the battle, Goliath would have ran and hid! What we see in the physical world in not the reality in the spiritual world!

David knew Goliath would be given into his hands because he knew who God is. David did not cower in fear. To get to the victory, he had to recognize the problem, stand in his faith, and take action. Once he let that pebble fly, he just had to be still watch God work. Oh, how that giant was humbled by a young boy with an incredible faith! 

Through David, King Saul and his army had the victory! God's chosen people got the win because one person was willing to stand and take action in faith. One person. What an example David set to the King and warriors of Israel! What powerful lessons his life continues to teach us today!

Also note: King Saul wanted David to fight in the way that Saul knew to fight, so the King wanted David to take the King's sword and armor. Saul didn't understand where David was coming from or what David had to do to win. Saul's method of battle would not work for David. David had to fight with what he had and knew. 

We need to remember that when trying to counsel others who are enmeshed in battles. We shouldn't weigh them down with our ways to battle spiritually. For example, some like to pray in a group while others, like me, prefer to pray alone. I have a friend who likes to worship by singing constantly. That's not my way. I have to battle as my heart feels led not as someone else wants me to battle. You have to do the same. 

Dear Reader, I know life gets so incredibly hard at times. We can feel surrounded by a mountain of problems and feel like they will topple down on us but remember it is an illusion. I want to reassure you, in troubling circumstances, your reality is different than what you see. God's power is bigger than any situation we face. The same God that responded to David loves you and will respond to you too. God is an ever present source of help in times of trouble. When we are afraid, we can run to Him for shelter, direction, and help. He has not left us alone or defenseless. While the battles rage, we can take comfort in the fact that the final victory is ours through Jesus. Jesus said "It's finished." which means completed or accomplished. Nothing can undo that.

To end my letter I tell you, be strong in the Lord and in his great power. Wear the full armor of God. Wear God’s armor so that you can fight against the devil’s clever tricks. Our fight is not against people on earth. We are fighting against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness. We are fighting against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly places. That is why you need to get God’s full armor. Then on the day of evil, you will be able to stand strong. And when you have finished the whole fight, you will still be standing. So stand strong with the belt of truth tied around your waist, and on your chest wear the protection of right living. On your feet wear the Good News of peace to help you stand strong. And also use the shield of faith with which you can stop all the burning arrows that come from the Evil One. Accept God’s salvation as your helmet. And take the sword of the Spirit—that sword is the teaching of God. Pray in the Spirit at all times. Pray with all kinds of prayers, and ask for everything you need. To do this you must always be ready. Never give up. Always pray for all of God’s people.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

If We Are The Body

  But if we are the body 
Why aren't his hands healing? 
Why aren't his words teaching? 
And if we are the body 
Why aren't his feet going? 
Why is his love not showing them there is a way 
Jesus paid much too high a price 
For us to pick and choose who should come 
And we are the body of Christ If we are the body 
Why aren't his arms reaching? 
Why aren't his hands healing? 
Why aren't his words teaching? 
And if we are the body 
Why aren't his feet going? 
Why is his love not showing them there is a way?
If We Are The Body by Casting Crowns

Dear Reader, this is a song I use for reflection to motivate me to work harder in His name to everyone I encounter. Please join me in prayer that this year, Christians all over the globe will be united in their efforts to example and share the great gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, January 09, 2021

New Card New Profession

New Card New Profession

We started when we were in our 40s, but it is really taking off now.

May the Lord pour out an abundance of blessings upon my very hard working husband and our entire family.

Friday, January 08, 2021

Prayer Request

A cousin requests prayer for his faith to be strengthened despite the harsh realities of his life. 

Thank you to those who pray for him.

Gift From Bethany

This is the gift Bethany gave me. I love it!



Bethany usually ties a story to every drawing.

"This turtle's name is WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT (capitalization is necessary), and he thinks he is president of the sea. He hates jellyfish ever since they neglected to give him directions when he got into the ocean. Nobody has managed to tell him they are brainless. I love you mumsy."

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Amanda's Bathroom Tilework



Amanda had a dark grey wall behind the sink. She decided to tile it.
She did a fantastic job!

The painting is hers. She made the wooden frame and attached the canvas to it ...and painted the picture.

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

I do not know what is ahead...

but I know the different scenarios being put out there. A lot of them seem to be funneling into one direction.`

I have been doing a lot of research and studying with prayerful contemplation. 

Some Bible scholars believe we are battling good vs evil while others think there is a battle for power between two evils. With what we know will happen from end times Scriptures, the latter seems more likely. 

I am not embracing either just yet. I am watching things unfold with a lot of contemplation. There is a lot of uncertainty every where, but I am very certain of what is needed the most. 

Prayer. Lots of it. On so many levels. 

Stay very alert and watchful. Keep your mind focused on the truth you find in God's Word. Pray continually to the Lord for understanding.

Dear Reader, I strongly caution you against putting your faith or trust in any man or system on this earth. Keep your eyes on the Lord as we go forward into 2021. Walk circumspectly. Please join me in praying the prayer below or pray your own prayer with the same accord. If you would like, you can symbolically hold hands and pray with me by putting your hand to the screen as I did when I prayed this. That will "connect" us even when we are far apart. My love to all!

Father, let me and my dear ones love nothing and no one more than we love You. Help us to be faithful in reading Your Word so we will know Your voice and will not be deceived by our very cunning enemy. Make his lies easy to spot. Please pour out Your wisdom and discernment upon us and let us be a voice to those around us by boldly speaking Your Truth and pointing out the lies. Let us trust in nothing except You for You alone are worthy of our trust. Help us to remember how the enemy disguises himself as light and to stay aware of the great darkness that lies underneath. Keep us vigilant, and let us not be distracted. Please protect and provide for our family and friends and shelter us from the storms that are coming. Under the precious blood of Jesus I request this from You, the Most High God.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we must trust in the name of the Lord our God. They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand upright. Psalm 20: 7- 8.

Monday, January 04, 2021


February 2020: Thai health experts say there is no evidence the 'green chiretta' herb can prevent the novel coronavirus 

Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr hospital advises everyone to take care of the immune system with Andrographis Paniculata, a herb that is outstanding in its three properties which are: 1. Immune stimulation 2. Anti-inflammatory 3. Antiviral, especially the virus that causes respiratory infections.

“It acts like a soldier in the human’s body that protects the enemy from the infection and to help to reduce the severity of the virus infection.”

“We think this is not correct. Information from WHO does not mention the use of Herba Andrographidis for this purpose," Brown said.

December 2020: Thailand Clears Use of Herbal Medicine for Covid-19 Treatment

W's note: Fah Talai Jone = andrographis paniculata aka andrographis aka andrographidis aka green chiretta 

  • "The extract from the plant, known as Fah Talai Jone in Thai, can curb virus and reduce severity of inflammation, ministry says citing studies
  • Human trials showed patient conditions improved within three days of the treatment without side effects if the medicine is administered within 72 hours of testing positive"


Among medicinal herbalists in the United States, this herb is known as andrographis paniculata and more commonly known as andrographis. From what I experienced and read about the herb, it is an asset in a home medical toolbox. We have at least four bottles of it and found it very helpful in treating Lyme disease in two of our family members. I use the NOW brand. I am the kind of herbalist that pulls the capsules apart and smells, tastes, and looks for fillers. While I have thrown out a lot of herbs from shoddy companies, I have never done so with NOW brands.

If you care to learn more about herbal medicine and CoVid, this pdf file is an excellent resource that goes into more depth than most people are use to reading with sources cited at the end of the document. For a quick read, use the CTRL F to open a search box and type in andrographis. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19):HERBAL PROTOCOLS FOR THE TREATMENT OFINFECTION AND POST-CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME

That's not a hug she's giving him...

amusing Asbell antics

Her initial attempt to remove him from the chair failed, 
so she approached from the back and tipped him. That worked!

He got her back though.

Saturday, January 02, 2021

with as much reverence and godly fear

“Grant that I may worship and pray unto Thee with as much reverence and godly fear, as if I saw the heavens open and all the angels that stand around Thy throne. Amen.” William Law

Friday, January 01, 2021

Happy New Year 2021


to our family and friends near and far, 
old and new,
close and estranged 
from The Asbell Family!

Our family is celebrating New Year's Eve as we do every year. We are together and enjoying our annual meal of black eyed pea chowder served with cornbread. Our dessert this year is an apple cinnamon crumb cake Bethany baked for us. Clint and I spent our morning working on our next chapter. Tonight, we are relaxing with our family and enjoying the laughter of siblings who are cutting up with one another. As the year changes, we will be standing in a circle while holding hands and praying. We will thank God for the abundance of blessings He gave our family in 2020 and ask His blessing on 2021. I hope everyone of you has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Joshua entertained us all by pretending to be a pterodactyl. His screeching sounds were grating to the ears, but the loud laughter of his siblings was beautiful music! I love this fun loving family of ours!

After that, the "Seven from Heaven" settled in to watch Hamilton...again. The best part was listening to our children sing the songs and get excited about their favorite parts. Bethany (extreme sarcasm): "Oh, this intermission lasts forever!!!"

Clint led us in prayer just before until just after midnight.


My New Year prayer for you, Dear Reader, is that He will bless you with a greater understanding of Him and His love for you in the coming new year. May you example that love with every person you encounter!


Job 11:13-19
Prepare your heart to serve only God.
    Lift your arms and pray to him.
 Put away the sin that you still hold on to.
    Don’t keep evil in your tent.
 If you will do that, you could look to God without shame.
    You can stand strong and not be afraid.
 Then you can forget your troubles,
    like water that has already passed by.
 Your life will be brighter than the sunshine at noon.
    Life’s darkest hours will shine like the morning sun.
 You will feel safe because there is hope.
    God will protect you and give you rest.
 You will lie down without fear of anyone.
    Many people will come to you for help.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Can you dehydrate turkey?

I've dehydrated turkey. I cook it first, pick it, and pull it apart. I chop the breasts. 

If I have any jars that do not seal when I am pressure canning a meat, I usually dehydrate those too. Reprocessing is an option, but it further cooks the meat changing the texture. 

I have dehydrated several meats (crumbled sausage, hamburger, chicken, rabbit, etc.) I rinse the sausage and hamburger with boiling water to remove as much fat as I can. I've also dehydrated hot dogs for dog treats.

I make bone broth but not this year due to the jar shortages. I put meat or vegetables in every empty jar I had. I have some bone broth leftover from a couple of years ago though.

Dear Reader, when I can, I try to share answers to questions. Time keeps me from sharing most of them but a few make it here. There is a search box at the top of the page. I also try to put the blog labels in the posts (also a big hit or miss) which may lead you to some useful information. While I do get a lot of requests, I do not share pictures of my pantry. 

Sky Blue "Tunnel"

Robert O. Norris Bridge
"Norris Bridge"

I think it's kind of pretty.

My late paternal grandfather kept a high school art book in a small book shelf he made himself inside a home he built himself. I read the art book when I was around 7 years old. One of the first lessons in the book was on how to look for lines in everything around us. The second lesson was looking for shapes like circles, triangles, etc. One of the other lessons was about seeing negative space. Those lessons shaped how I "see" the world around me. That book very well may have been why I won the art contest a couple of years later for my drawing of Jesus' baptism. 

This bridge always has me thinking about lines, shapes, and negative space which always leads me to me thinking about that book and my grandfather. I don't know where he got the art book or why he kept it on his shelf. I don't know if he ever drew art, but I know he drew things he would later build from wood. He was very talented in many ways and passed on those talents to his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. My Caleb is so much like him in demeanor, woodworking, and music that it is at times uncanny. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Vitamins and CoVid

A friend shared this aticle with me yesterday: (Thanks Diane!) 

Studies suggest 4 vitamins to lower risk of severe cases of COVID-19

He also says the most recent studies show that nine out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could be prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels.

Number 1: Vitamin D, get your levels up, and you can also ask your doctor to test your levels, a very easy blood test.

Number 2: Vitamin C, we know it's working well. There have been some studies on COVID where vitamin C has shown to have very good benefits in the outcome of an illness.

Number 3: Zinc stops viral replication multiple ways, so it prevents the virus from hijacking your DNA, prevents the virus from replicating. It also prevents the virus from entering the cell, so zinc is very important right now.

Number 4: Quercetin, which is what's called a natural bioflavonoid. Quercetin opens up the cells in your body so that zinc can get inside your cells, where it works. So think of quercetin as the key. Think of zinc as the repairman, that is allowed into the house, so-to-speak," says Dr. Osborne.


With vitamin D, there's a therapy that can be done that I recommend, and it's 1000 international units (IU) of vitamin D per pound. So if you're 100 pounds, you would take 100,000 international units of vitamin D for three days. After that, you don't have to keep taking those higher doses, but three days of high dose vitamin D will elevate your serum vitamin D levels to adequate levels," states Dr. Osborne.


Note the other supplements and Ivermectin usage in the link at the bottom of the article  . Marik-Covid-Protocol-Summary.pdf


For those cheering us on, we passed the first inspection and have been granted a permit for the next big project!

Mr. Sanders


I should like to place a sign there that says Mr. Sanders 
to intrigue and entertain the passersby.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Anti-Viral Protocol We Used

Caleb was sent home from work on the evening of the 23rd because he was running a temp of 101. By Christmas Eve, his temperature was 103.5 and we were forcing fluids to head off dehydration. He became a little dizzy, so I took his blood pressure. It was low and dropped a bit more over the next few hours. 

The common thing for the majority of people to do when a fever is detected is to take an OTC fever reducing medication. However, that is usually the wrong choice. When the body detects a virus, it raises the temperature to DESTROY the virus. If we interrupt natural defense mechanism, we can prolong illness. 

My rule of thumb is that as long as the fever is not preventing rest and if dehydration is not a major issue to allow the body to do its job. 

Caleb knows this and chose not to take fever reducing medications. He wanted to get well as quickly as possible. Something about a special girl plays into that.

I don't like posting dosages on the blog because most people don't research or take other factors into consideration. There is a lot that goes into calculating a dosage. What you see here may or may not work for you, and you should not take it without doing your own research. I am nothing more than a woman who wanted better health for myself and family so I sought out an education and continue to self educate.* Here's what we took: 

We started him on a viral protocol which included 10,000 IU Vitamin D, 2000 mg Vitamin C, 25 mg Zinc, and 1600 mg Quercetin** (formulation includes bromelain). He also took a tablespoon of the elderberry tincture that I make for our family. He took it every four hours during the crisis phase. 

Clint and I were running temps and feeling poorly later on Christmas Eve. We started taking the same supplements with a variation due to our weight: 25,000 IU Vitamin D, 2000 mg Vitamin C, 50 mg Zinc, 1600 mg Quercetin** and two tablespoons elderberry tincture. We took it every four house during the crisis phase.

At 2 a.m., I went downstairs to check on Caleb. I was surprised and happy to see his fever was breaking (down to 99.5) and his blood pressure had returned to normal. I gave him (and Clint and myself) another round of the protocol before I went back to bed. Clint and I felt right as rain the next morning. We continued the protocol twice a day for the next 48 hours. We will take it once a day for the next week or so.

We were feeling so poorly that I just knew we were going to have to cancel our Christmas plans, but the protocol worked. After decades of using natural medicine with great success, I wasn't surprised that it worked, but I was thankful. I was also relieved that Christmas could continue as normal. 

*I also had some outstanding medical doctors befriend me and help me learn. 

**The best way to get Quercetin is through diet: In this study, AUC0-24h and Cmax of quercetin following the consumption of onions were 2 and 3 times greater, respectively, than those following the consumption of apples (Lee et al., 2012). Quercetin Tmax did not differ between dietary sources, but t1/2 of apple-derived quercetin was more than 4 times shorter after consuming onions (15 h). These findings support that onion-derived quercetin is more bioavailable due to its greater absorption (Lee et al., 2012). https://www.foodandnutritionjournal.org/vol04nospl-issue-conf-october-2016/bioavailability-of-quercetin/

Because Kathy asked: We use Sam's Club Members Mark Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I have had good success with those for many years. The zinc and the quercetin is the NOW Brand. I worked with a marketing company promoting that brand for a few years. I became very familiar with their products. Most of their stuff is very good. I am the kind of person who will pull apart capsules looking for fillers and to test the strength of the herb. 

Because Michele asked: I have not tried any brands of elderberry tincture. It's too pricey for a family of nine. I use the tincture because it is the strongest form. I pick some berries from my farm now and then, but it is never enough. I buy the whole dried berries in bulk from herbalcom.com (been a customer for around 20 years) and pour cheap vodka over them and let it sit in my dark pantry for at least a few months. I have some jars that have been sitting for over a year so it's going to be good and strong once I strain it. When we know we've been exposed to illness, we take a teaspoon a few times a day. Sometimes we adults go up to a tablespoon. We have used it after being directly exposed to a symptomatic person (sneezing, coughing) many, many times and stayed well.