Friday, February 13, 2015

Article: How Real People Make Shades of Real Love

This could have been written about Clint​. He is an excellent husband, father, and friend. I love him so!

"The dark you cupped me through after my heart had been sledge-hammered and I couldn’t seem to pull all the shards out. You said the scars became me —- that they had made me become. I forgot to shave my legs. You said it never mattered. My waist thickened and rolled and softened, stretch-marked thin over this love of ours that grew me larger with all the six kids. My sagging, rounded mother body wears it like a badge: I’ve surrendered to love in a thousand ways. And you pull all of  me close. You whisper it there warm at the nape of my neck, you tell me that I’m your trophy bride: we’ve won real love and wear the battled age to prove it."

"I could weep for a quiet love like this, the kind of love they don’t write movies about, but the Maker writes down in a book of His own. ... It’s not the kind of flashy that makes any red carpet, but it’s the kind of unforgettable love that runs red. ... It doesn’t matter one iota what the checkout glossies tout: Sacrifice is the most attractive of all. ...You have lived and bore the weight of it —- I am far worse than I ever dreamed. And yet you have loved me beyond what I could ever dream. You have lived Gospel to me." read more at How Real People Make Shakes of Real Love