Monday, February 23, 2015

Article: What Is Your Doing Saying?

When God puts something on our heart to do, do we do it, or do we run from it? Do we start to head in the direction the Lord is leading but then falter, turn around, and make excuses about why we can't? Then, do we work hard to push the situation out of our minds until the next time the Holy Spirit attempts once again to convict our hearts into action? Don't we realize that every time we say no to the Lord it affects our level of closeness with Him? and our testimony? Do we deceive ourselves that we are better off where we are than doing what God wants us to do? We can't sit back and say "Let God's will be done" if we aren't obeying what He wants us to do because God often works out His will through the actions of His people. You have to follow through with obedience to grow in your faith.

Article: What Is Your Doing Saying?

"So if we want to know what we really believe, we must look at our actions." 

"Faith, by its very nature, produces action. It’s intrinsic. Each of us is wired to feel and act in accordance to what we believe to be true. We cannot help it."

"But since on the Great Day there will be a separation between the sheep and goats based on what their works said about their faith (Matthew 25:31–46), and since, even among the sheep there will be a distinction between those who built with gold, silver, and precious stones (more faithful) and those who built with wood, hay, and straw (less faithful) (1 Corinthians 3:12–15), we must “look carefully how [we] walk, not as unwise but as wise” (Ephesians 5:15)."
"Our works reveal where our faith is. Jesus told us that a “tree is known by its fruit” (Matthew 12:33). The wise seek to make the tree good." read the rest here.