Saturday, February 07, 2015

How Many Children Do You Have? Author Unknown

This poem touched my heart and also sheds light on a difficult question for us mothers with losses. How to answer the question of how many children you have honestly, without garnering sympathy you don't want, without dredging up emotions at a vulnerable time, or feeling like you are denying/excluding the children no longer living is a challenge. 

I often say, "Seven here. Eight with the Lord." If you have lost a child, I am praying for you.

How Many Children Do You Have? 
Author Unknown

"How many children do you have," they ask. 
Oh, that dreaded question.
"How much time do you have," I wonder silently to myself.
Do you really want to know? And, do you really care?
Am I up to going through the crazy, confusing tale?
If you have the time, my friend, here's the answer I will give...

I have children that dance and children that sing,
children that cuddle all kinds of live things,
children with freckles and dimples and bows,
children that run through the sprinkler and hose,
children that color (on paper and walls),
ones that love stomping and jumping in puddles,
children that ask, "What is that for?"
and spill glasses of milk on the floor,
children that laugh and children that cry,
and constantly ask Mommy and Daddy, "Why?"
But I have one that is different, set apart from the rest,
and I've never known the joy of nursing at my breast,
One we can not cuddle, and we cannot hold,
though we will in our hearts as we grow old,
She I cannot rock when stormy is the night,
or tuck snugly in bed with fading of day's light.
Though here with me now, four is all that you see,
"I have five children," I'd say, with a glance at the sky,
Four that can run and one that can fly.