Monday, May 11, 2015

Cute Fuzzies

 photo toulouse_zpsnfiyxynr.jpg
Toulouse Goslings

I acquired my first geese 20 years ago from a local community farm. I named them Mr. and Mrs. Fuss a Lot. I spend time around my geese to keep them friendly. I talk to them and give them treats. I can call to them, and they will run across the yard with wings flapping calling to me to let me know they are coming as fast as they can. I am one of the flock, and they are my curious buddies when I have to work in the yard. Sometimes I need to put my hands on them to move them around or check weight or an injury. They aren't happy with the offense but get over it quickly. The relationship gets a bit stiffer when the geese are sitting on their precious eggs while the gander is watching over them. I can still approach them and move around without getting attacked as long as I leave the eggs alone. The deal breaker is when they have hatchlings. Once I go to pull the goslings, it's game on...with three human helpers to protect my rear from gander bites! I received a blood blister from a goose while pulling these little beauties off the nest to keep them safe from the lurking coyote. The parents were mad at me for a full day, but it was worth it to know their offspring will get a chance to grow up.