Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Multi-tasking on the Farm

 photo newareaforpasture_zpsezeevrhq.jpg

We are clearing out the next area for our pasture. This was one of my favorite areas to walk, and I already miss the view of the beautiful trees. As we clear it, we are getting firewood and building up an area to get our hogs on higher ground in case of flood. We are also building up a natural barrier to help keep our livestock in should they get out of the fence. The woodsplitter makes a pile of bark which will be used in the garden and to build up mud puddles in the yard. Nothing goes to waste. We will be planting twice as many trees to replace the ones we cut so there will be firewood in 15-20 years. Some of the tree stumps will coppice next year which will also let us have firewood later. We kept the children's favorite trees because this is their farm too and happy memories are important. All six of the children living at home have climbed on the felled trees. The music of their laughter as they explore and play with one another has been delightful!