Monday, September 22, 2008

I Wonder What the DEA Agents Thought

Thursday, when Caleb was trying to be vulture bait (read previous posts) DEA agents were also doing their annual flyover of our rural neighborhood looking for plots of marijuana. (If you live in the country, you probably already know pot growers hide their crops amongst other crops or in clearings in the forest.) I noticed they flew over our house much longer than usual but did not put two and two together until the weekend. I imagine the men in the helicopter wondered what in the world a little boy was doing sprawled out and unmoving in the middle of our field! Thankfully, Caleb can not be still but for so long. I'd have had quite a nasty scare with a helicopter landing in the side yard! Caleb sure would have enjoyed it though!

You'll be happy to know Caleb is bored with the vultures. I told you he could not be still for long! He came in the house beaming and told me "Mom, I taught the wild turkeys how to fly!!!" The six feathered visitors we have coming around came out of the brush and Caleb gave chase. He did get a pretty tail feather for his efforts. If you have troublesome wildlife around, give us a call and we'll send him over. :-D

We had to bring out the scissors and give Emily her first haircut yesterday. Clint held her still while I trimmed her bangs. The "holding her still" part was almost a deal breaker for her in our parent/child relationship. She was not amused, but we got the job done. She looks less like a baby and more like a little girl.

Please keep Luke in your prayers. God tells us in His Word the prayers of the righteous availeth much (are of great benefit). You have the ability to affect this child's and his family's life merely by bowing your head and interceding for them. Even the poorest Christian can have a very effective ministry because prayer doesn't cost a single dime.