Monday, February 27, 2012

A Year Later

We are still trying to get our lives settled from the barn fire that happened a year ago February 19th.We have a lot of building, organizing, and arranging to do in all of the sheds still, but we'll get it. We need to run water and power to some of them. This is the most difficult shed because it holds the most stuff and will be used several times daily. I am trying very hard to get this shed fully functional before spring.It's not helping that Clint keeps sticking his stuff in there (ahem!). :-)

In the top picture, you can see ways we have created additional storage space in the sheds. The lofts Clint put in store things we do not use often. The boards he put up under the framing make perfect places to store games and wrapping paper.
 There is usually a lot going on around me, and this shot has captured one moment in time. Hannah was talking to me as I sorted books until she turned to see why I had grabbed the camera. Caleb is testing his strength on the home gym while a mischievous Brandon holds the weights down. Emily is testing Brandon's shelf. That is not even 1/4 of the books we own. Homeschooling moms LOVE books!
 Look at Caleb's face! See Brandon's?! Ha! It didn't help that his little sister (Emily) had just pulled that weight like it was nothing! We have a lot of fun here!
Brandon putting up the bookshelves in the shed.
Hannah is testing them!
We hope to one day insulate this shed. I dread moving all of those books again!