Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Am Convinced There is a Cape and Some Tights in His Closet

Clint and I headed out to buy groceries at Sam's Club yesterday afternoon. Because of something affecting me health wise, I have not purchased groceries in over two weeks, so we needed to get them. We arrived at Sam's Club, got out of the truck, and Clint looked at me and said "Oh no! I forgot my bank card. I didn't put it back in my pants when Brandon used it. It is on the night stand at home." Sam's Club is about 35 minutes from our farm, and we have to go through some traffic to get to it. I hope you understand I simply had to tease him about our "fruitless errand."

Back at home, the children were confused as to why we were home so early...and without groceries to unload. Clint told them before I could, but I got a few teases in for him anyway. He found his bank card. We left and headed to the gas station because we needed gas for my big ole Ford.

While Clint was pumping gas, I had my face buried in my phone answering texts from both Amanda and my friend Julie. After candling, Amanda had questions about the low fertility rate of the chicken eggs in the incubator. Julie was asking me to pray about a bad storm heading for them. I heard some commotion outside of the truck, but figured someone was talking to a friend as they drove off. No, it turns out Clint was playing superhero again.

A woman did not get her car in park at the gas station. She left her children in the car while she ran inside to pay for her gas. The car slipped into gear and began rolling towards the 55 mph traffic on the highway. Clint stopped pumping his gas, ran to catch the car, opened the door, jumped inside, and stopped it from rolling. Then, as casually as he pleases, he looks around at the open mouthed, wide eyed children and said "Alright now. Ya'll have a good day!" Then he went back to pump his gas.

The lady at the pump behind the car stopped pumping and thanked him for keeping the children safe. Then people all over the parking lot started talking about and to Clint! The mother came out and someone stopped her and told her what Clint had done for her. She thanked him and several other people made a fuss over him.

I have known Clint since I was 16 years old. I've seen him do some incredible things. I am not surprised he acts quickly and looks out for other's safety. I married a super hero! He puts others first often to the point of denying himself, and I try to watch out for him because of his generous heart. I am very thankful he kept the children safe. I was a little put out I had to stop picking on him about the bank card after I realized out loud it was God orchestrating events to put Clint in the right place at the right time. So, I'll just tease him about wearing tights!