Monday, March 12, 2012

Now, A Bigger Mess


Last night, Clint went to check on his property. He has been waiting for several weeks for promised papers to arrive so he could take it to his attorney and consider signing. Upon our arrival in Suffolk, we found extensive work was being done without Clint's consent which blatantly infringes upon his rights as a property owner. Once again, we see how low this person will stoop to seek their own gain. Their greed has them putting their own interests before others and doing what is right.

In our opinion, the work is below standard and needs to be repaired or put back to its original state. (I have over 250 pictures documenting the deteriorating condition of the property before we knew about it, the improvement after we spent several hours cleaning it of mold and filth, and the unapproved work that has been done to it.) The property value has been adversely affected by the demolition/remodeling/unauthorized work. There are very visible flaws and some work will not hold up to use. The disrespect for Clint's rights and the damage done has changed the entire situation.

Clint will take his time, seek the Lord, seek counsel from his attorney, and spend several weeks reflecting on all of the events that have brought him to this place. While the court records obtained through public domain show the other side has had knowledge about this property for four years, Clint learned of it three and a half months ago.

The brazen acts against Clint and his rights continue to be perpetrated with reckless greed and disregard for propriety. In light of this, Clint's attorney is strongly advising him to slow down and consider all of his options before making any hasty and permanent decisions. It appears we will be involved in this for many more months, maybe years, which is OK. The Lord clearly has a plan here.

Clint issued a cease and desist letter last night, followed up with a formal letter today, and will check on the property immediately. If the cease and desist is not respected and the construction equipment immediately removed, he has no choice but to return to the Suffolk Court House to file an injunction to stop the work, and file a law suit for damages as well as other charges. He also plans on obtaining another copy of the public probate records to see if any changes have been made without his knowledge.

Our Christian counsel is advising us God has put Clint in this position so he could teach this person a very thorough lesson on the law, lies, integrity, and reaping and sowing through our justice system. It seems they can not control their behavior to do what is right even when they know there will be consequences. They do what they please and have no concerns about what the law says, or how it affects others.

Please pray for Clint as he tries to walk circumspectly through the through greed, outright hatred, and deliberate deceptiveness the other side keeps throwing at him. While we were shocked by the sight that met us in every room of the house, very little surprises us about this person any more. Their behavior and character is repugnant. Since November 2010, they have repeatedly proven themselves as someone who desires harm to come to our family. They will keep taking hits at every opportunity, but we know God will protect and bless those who walk with integrity. Please ask the Lord to keep us from stumbling any more than we have and for His guidance as we proceed. Thank you to those who continue to stand with us.

A good part of the trip is that Clint was looking for things for the children to have of their grandparent's. Hidden under dust, cloth, and empty boxes, he and Amanda made some wonderful finds! I have some cleaning to do and there is a big trip down Clint's memory lane to make with our children.

While this part of our lives is not enjoyable, the rest of our lives are really good. There are lot of wonderful things and changes in the works. I am eager to share what God is doing when it is the right time to do so. Even in the midst of a storm that seems to have no end, we are still praising the Lord and giving Him the glory, for He is worthy!

 Proverbs 10:9 
The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.