Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter Jam 2012

Eddie Carswell of Newsong
Kari Jobe
Peter Furler (former lead singer of Newsboys)

Sanctus Real Matt Hammitt
Speaker Nick Hall
John Cooper of Skillet

My favorite stars: Amanda (pink), Joshua and Bethany

Winter Jam 2012

Clint took Amanda, Joshua, and Bethany. Caleb was sick. Emily and Hannah were too young to go. Brandon wasn't interested. Brandon and I watched a movie and hung out for a while. When he went to study, I gave the girls pedicures, manicures, facials, and fixed their hair. After they went to bed, Caleb watched a tv show with me.

Clint left work early so he could take the children to Winter Jam. They were able to get excellent seats! Clint went backstage to the pastor's meeting to meet the performers and hear their testimonies.

The lead singer from Skillet said when he was young, his church taught you could not listen to any music with drums in it. It was considered demonic. He liked Petra music. His mother opposed him on it. He asked her to attend one concert with him. She did on the premise that she would remove him when the demonic worship began. She came away from it being a Petra fan!