Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ocean City Boardwalk

 mounted police
sand sculpture of Christ

clintsegway - Copy
Clint and I rented Segways from Boardwalk Segways. Yes, we raced them!
The man we rented the Segways from was very polite, friendly, and shared his story with us.
We enjoyed meeting his grandson too. We highly recommend this rental place!

oceancityboardwalktonyspizza - Copy

Tony's Pizza has been family owned on the boardwalk for over 100 years due to their "famous" recipe,
so we decided to make that our lunch one day.
The family was rude, the staff was polite, the place was dirty, the bathroom smelly, and the pizza was bland.
Our advice: skip it!

 oceancityboardwalkfisherspopcorn - Copy
Fisher's has also been on the boardwalk forever and is family owned.
We loved their popcorn and wish we had brought some home for the children! 
Our advice: Hit it hard!