Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tattooed Hoes


A tattooed hoe!

Thank you to my funny friend, Kim, for the play on words!

I marked the measurements on my new gardening tools. The old ones left with the barn. When I was a young girl, my grandfather taught me to use my hoe as a measuring device to keep my row and plant spacing and planting depth on target. Since I was carrying a kitten at the time, he probably thought I wasn't paying attention. You never know what part of you people will carry in their hearts and share with the next generation, so share freely.

 From the handle end of the garden tool, I mark 1/2" increments to 6". Then I mark off every 6" and 12" for the rest of the tool. I mark half inch increments on the hoe head too. A dot is half an inch mark. A line is an inch mark. This way, I know just how deep to plant seeds, how far apart to place plants and rows without guessing. It also lets me check behind the children's help in the garden. My own accuracy goes down per child I am watching/helping/talking with. Another benefit is that it's like we have several crude yardsticks around whenever we are working outside or when someone didn't put ours back. Takes a couple of minutes per tool, but saves a lot more when I don't have to hunt down a tape measure or yard stick because I have one I made myself!

Update: The nail polish on the tool end has started to wear off. I am going to use my Dremel tool to etch the measurements into the metal again.