Monday, August 06, 2012

LED Dog Collar

     No matter how carefully one looks after their dog, there is always a risk the dog will manage to get off the leash. Even the most well trained dog can become lost or injured. Visibility is key to retrieval if your dog takes off when light is low. I have recently been introduced to a product that will help prevent that by making sure the pet is on the leash securely and giving high visibility during evening or early morning walks.

       The representative of failed to compensate me for my review of the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar as agreed upon. This is the second time I have done a review for Sarah Thompson. I had trouble getting compensated previously. To have someone write and respond to your emails immediately when they want you to do something, but then ignore your emails for over a week after you have completed the task seems suspicious. I can give the benefit of the doubt for the first occurrence, but to have the exact same issues twice in a row seems like a scam to me. My time is valuable, and I feel communication for compensation should be as quick and easy as when being asked to do a job. 

Update 9/1/2012: I guess posting my dissatisfaction moved them to send me the compensation. Then, I received another request to review the collar from another person. I did not answer the email. I received another dog collar in the mail anyway. I marked it RTS (return to sender) and will drop it off at the post office. 

     The LED Dog Collar will allow you to keep track of your pets during low light situations with an LED bulb attached to a light transmitting polymer core that illuminates almost the entire length of the collar. The LED has three settings: a continuous steady light, a fast pulse, and a slow pulse. There were no instructions with the collar. However, it was very simple to figure out with a little investigating. The LED light with on and off button is hidden inside of a two sided pocket in the collar. The button is easy to find and press through the collar fabric. Push once for a fast pulse, twice for a slow pulse, and three times for a steady light. A fourth push of the button cuts the unit off. 

     The collar is not waterproof, so that makes me worry about what will happen to the LED and battery case if it should get wet. As all pet lover’s know, sometimes Fido has to go when the weather is inclement. The LED unit is protected somewhat from wet weather because the LED rests under the dog’s chin when walking on a leash. Making this unit waterproof would give more value to the collar.

Photobucket  Photobucket
     The collar is well made. The stitching was complete and sturdy on the collar sent to me.   The nylon fabric is of a good quality and should last many years.  My husband has the very tiny screwdriver to open the battery case, but I doubt many households do. The three tiny screws will make changing the battery difficult, but the LED light should have a very long life reducing the frequency. As someone who despises fishing around a collar for the ring to clip the leash on, I also liked there was a D-ring fastened permanently in the middle of the collar for ease of locating it. 

     To me, the collar is only as good as the fastener. Since I have had some bad experiences with poorly made clasps on dog collars, I gave it a thorough test. The plastic on the clasp is rigid, and strong. It locks firmly in place. I closed the clasp and it held a test of my strength. Then, I called my son into the room to help me test it. We could not free or break the clasp no matter how hard we tugged, pulled, or twisted.  However, it was still easy to open and close. I feel the collar will hold even a very strong and very hyper dog securely.

     Overall, I am very happy with the LED Dog Collar. I feel it will make night time jaunts safer with my dogs. I love knowing that if they get off the leash during a night time outing, I will be able to see them easily with the LED collar. This will also make my furry friends visible to cars, pedestrians and bikers.

Cheyenne, Amanda's gentle and obedient German Shepherd, models the collar