Wednesday, August 08, 2012


     Sydney and our family had to part ways at the beginning of July. He was nearly 21 years old and had suffered many injuries before he came to live with us. His wing was broken. Because of that, he would jump when he was afraid which caused many breaks in the bones of his feet. Everyone who met him and heard his story fell in love with his incredible spirit.

     We noticed he had started struggling more with mobility. Then he couldn't perch. As long as he was eating well, we were content to leave him alone. Eventually, his weight started dropping off and mobility became very limited. We tried all we could, but in the end the kindest thing was to end his suffering. It made all of us sad to say goodbye to a bird with so much will to keep going in spite of very difficult circumstances. I was very attached to the old man and shed a few tears when we had to say goodbye. We are glad his former owners gave him to us because he was so incredible to watch. Clint and I hope our chidren learned a great deal from him.