Monday, September 10, 2012

Around Here Fall 2012

Clint's work has changed his on call schedule from 24/7 365 to one week on, one week off shared with another man. He does not get many call ins, and this should lessen it even more. We still expect busy weeks during their peek seasons. He is working on many projects around the house. He always has willing helpers around to lend him a hand.

Brandon is still excelling in his coursework. He will graduate next spring. He is hoping to find employment in his field where they will pay for his continuing education. He has several leads on good jobs. He is very focused on his future and desires to build his career and purchase a home before he seeks a wife. I have found his computer skills very valuable since our homeschool is about 75% computerized.

Amanda has only been enrolled in the cosmetology school since late spring, but she is already working in the salon. She is giving haircuts to people who walk in off of the street. Whatever they ask her to do, she willingly does it without complaint even when other girls have refused the same work. This willingness to try has increased her skill credits and abilities so that she was able to move to the salon sooner than other students.

Joshua (12) has shot up in height and is putting on muscle. He is very responsible and a big help to me during the day. He loves Algebra, but could do without language although he writes very well. He is very athletic and outgoing and still has his near photographic memory working on his behalf. He gave me a good scare when he nearly lost an eye recently, but the scratch was limited to the inside lower lid. As terrifying as it is to have your child come to you with blood pouring out of his eye, it is more terrifying thinking you lost your eye! Poor Joshua! Goldenseal eye washes kept infection away.

Caleb (11) has grown in confidence and patience with himself.  He would rather be building than writing an essay, but is making progress in academics despite his abhorrence to language. He loves Bible, science, and history and is very good with math. He is very eager to do some camping and target practicing soon.

Bethany (8) is a delightful girl. She loves to cook and learn how to do new things to be an asset to our household. She is very imaginative and compassionate. She can be a bit messy when she is in her creative mode, but she is good about cleaning it up when asked. Bethany helps me out with our aviary by giving the birds seed and water every other day. She loves to exercise and will challenge her brothers to a race knowing they will win, but she delights in pushing herself to do better than last time.

Emily (5) has strong leadership qualities and loves learning in homeschool. She is constantly asking questions as her mind takes in everything around her. She recently went with Amanda to the cosmetology school to receive a manicure, pedicure, and haircut. A week ago, I told her how she received her middle name. I had 21 week miscarriage right before her and knowing she was coming gave me such JOY! She now tells that story to others with pride.

Hannah (3) also went with Amanda to the cosmetology school on Friday. There still isn't enough hair to cut, but Amanda gave her a manicure and pedicure. To make up for the lack of a hair cut, Amanda hid one of her favorite headbands inside of her purse. Instead of a hair cut, she styled Hannah's hair and put on the hairband. Hannah loved wearing that! Hannah is also writing her name and counting. She has a good sense of humor and still likes to cuddle.

One of my key roles is to be a support person to all of the beautiful people God has gifted to me. I try to encourage them to be all they can be for His glory. It is my goal to help them succeed in their roles. I try to make our home a haven where they and our friends can find rest and peace. It's an ongoing goal, not something I have perfected.

I am thankful the gardening and yard work is coming to a close so my focus can be more on academics. Some of the recent days have had me working from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. with barely enough time to sit to eat a meal.  There have been a few days in the past few months Brandon has come home, taken over the work, and sent me to nap because I was so weary. We have food put away for winter not just for ourselves, but also for our critters. The garden, flowerbeds, and yard are waiting on me to give them a good clean up. They may be waiting a while. There is always more work than I can get done, but it is good to be productive and needed.

Ecclesiastes 2:24 A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. This too, I see, is from the hand of God,