Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update on Emily

This post is an update to this prayer request.
You can see pictures of the progress here.

The swelling around Emily's eye went down a slight amount over night in response to the injected antibiotics. The doctor felt this was enough to indicate everything is due to a drug resistant strain of bacteria. He called in the older antibiotic to a compounding pharmacy. And, he ordered x-rays of Emily's head to rule out anything else and see just where the sinus infection is. 

Clint and Emily just went one way to get the x-rays done. Brandon, who has the flexibility of an online class this week, just now headed in the other direction to get the first bottle of antibiotic. The pharmacy doesn't have enough on hand to make all she needs so we will pick up the other bottle later. The shots Emily had yesterday only stay in her system for 24 hours, so we want to get something in her to keep knocking this bacteria back. Brandon is going to take it straight to where Emily is being x-rayed so we can start the first dose immediately.

It's a relief to get a name and a course of treatment. We are praying this works so Emily's body can get a rest, and our girl can get back to her normal self. She has felt miserable and had some very painful shots, but has maintained her sweet disposition and cheery attitude. 

UPDATE 4/29/2013 pm: Dr called with the x-ray results tonight. He said she does have a bad sinus infection on that side. He said that the periorbital cellulitis are fairly easy to treat so he's not too concerned w/ those. He is concerned about the infection going into the bone which is very difficult to treat. The problem is that there is infection in the skin and the sinuses with the bone in the middle. Because this has been going on so long & her first round of antibotics was too low, he wants us to call him every day w/ a progress report. As long as we see some improvement, we're OK. If we see no improvement or worsening, he is going to want to see her ASAP.

Update 4/30/2013: The new "old" antibiotic is working! Her eye drastically improved overnight! Thank you, Lord! Btw, the scary thing that we did not name to cause alarm was meningitis. Due to the vaccine, it was very rare and very unlikely, but still on the table due to her symptoms and failed course of treatment.

Thank you for all of the prayers, concern, well wishes directed to Emily, advice, offers of help, communications, etc. We truly appreciate the wonderful people in our lives who care about us.