Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Pictures of Emily's Battle with Drug Resistant Bacteria

This post goes with Emily Needs Prayer and Update on Emily.

 photo firstpicture_zps4187297c.jpg
right after diagnosis

 photo weekofantibiotics_zps0b50ceac.jpg
after 1 injection of a strong antibiotic + 7 days of oral antibiotics
She was still running a fever, had horrible headaches, and was very tired.

 photo onenightofoldantibiotics_zps12cc5eb6.jpg
after 1 day (3 doses) of old antibiotics
This picture was taken this morning. She is up running around with no fever and only a slight headache.

If you are not seeing progress after a few days of antibiotics, call the doctor. If they aren't concerned, get a second opinion. Unchecked, this could have led to orbital cellulitis, a bone infection, etc.

Emily's pediatrician said you should always see improvement in a bacterial infection after 48 hours of antibiotics and no later than 72 hours.