Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prayer Request

Prayer Request: Caleb has a widespread rash. It started about 48 hours after his last dose of medication. We think it is his body's way of handling the drugs leaving his system because there are no other indications of something else causing it. We've looked at everything else...diet, clothes, toiletries, exposure to new things, etc and there is just nothing else it could be. I did find a very few incidences of this kind of rash in other people who had been on the same medications. We were told the drugs he given were very strong and hard on the body. In fact, he had some issue with pain in his kidneys from them at one point. Those drugs were justified due to the nature of his infection. The rash has become thicker and itchier in the last 24 hours. If you Google drug rash, it is the same kind of rash you will see in the images. (fine, widespread, trunk and limbs) Right now, we are treating with an antihistamine and monitoring it. (Caleb's appendicitis journey is here.) 

I am working hard catch up on the work in our homeschool, home, farm, kennel, yard, garden, etc that fell behind during the month I lost. I am also helping with the firewood collection, doing the seasonal clothing changeover, and getting things ready for a charity which are all very big jobs. I am getting it done, but need understanding that I am not available to answer phone calls because I am trying to be a good help meet and mother which are the first priorities God has given me. I am literally working from when I get up until I go to bed. I love everybody and will be ready to chat again soon, but I need to do what is set before me to the best of my ability first.

Update 10/30/2013: Caleb's rash has improved noticeably as his liver is working to clear the toxins out.