Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Around Here: March 2014

Clint has recently spent time in our hometown wrapping up some business his company had there. I always looked forward to those trips because sometimes I'd take the day and ride with him so we could see friends. We will have another opportunity for a visit there soon. We are staying with friends the last weekend in April. We have a couple of things planned with people already, so let us know if you want to get together.

Clint and I just returned from a wonderful weekend together in Williamsburg. We hit some new hiking trails, cooked gourmet dishes together, soaked in the jacuzzi while watching movies, and did a little shopping too. We came back very rested and relaxed!

 photo a_friendporchroof_zps923c0adf.jpg

As our middle children grow and do more, we are on the go more. We recently saw friends in Kilmarnock and checked on a house for a friend on Gwynn's Island. We are slated to visit family/friends in Wiliamsburg, Harrisonburg, Kilmarnock, and Mathews. We have a family vacation planned on the Chesapeake Bay. We have several small fishing trips planned. Clint has a business trip turned family trip to Boston where his employer will pay for our gas and room expenses. We have our usual family biking and hiking activities. Clint and I will spend May 7 alone together in memory of our son, Isaac. We are going to Sterling area in June for one of our older children. We may also take a trip to Charleston since Clint is suppose to be sent there for yet more training classes. Thanks to Clint's good friend/work connection, we've been told we are going to get free NASCAR race tickets for Richmond. Then we have a week long family camping/fishing trip planned to Belle Isle for September or October since we enjoyed our visit there last fall. It's going to be another full spring/summer. That's the plan right now subject to change as quickly children grow.

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Back in early December, the weather warmed up, so I decided to get some deep cleaning and painting crossed off my list. I put in long days knowing the warm up would not last long. I over-used my wrist to the point of injury. It was one of those things you don't feel until you stop using it. I am still in a brace/splint contraption, but am seeing enough progress I can have limited use during the day. Someone complained about not seeing updates as frequently...that's why.

When it warms up, I am going to go through homeschooling books and will be offering some of them for free. If you want first pick, call or email me with grade level and subjects. I may also have some toys, furniture, and other items. Email addy is in the header. I'll respond to calls/email first and then will be listing them here and on Facebook, and finally will give the rest to the local women's shelter where Brandon volunteers.

If you have been following along with past few posts, you know Brandon has had more accomplishments. It's been an exciting time for him! We are very thankful. I can't elaborate yet, but God has been pouring out blessings on him. He has said he will let me know when it is OK to share. 

Amanda and Clint have a race going. There is a $500 incentive for whomever earns their degree first. It will take a while to see who earns it. It is entertaining for the rest of us to hear them ask each other questions to try to figure out where the other one is on their lessons. She also has something neat going on, but again, we have to wait a bit.

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Joshua, Caleb, and Bethany are looking forward to building a new tree house this year. Over the winter, I recycled wood from all over the place for them. It will be interesting to see what they build.

Emily and Hannah are loving their My Little Pony computer game. I love sitting with them while they share what they are learning. Their opinions about the game often make me chuckle. 

Next month, the barn swallows return!! I have enjoyed their return to the farm for as long as we have lived here. I am looking forward to seeing if Chip and family return!

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