Sunday, May 25, 2014

For the Weary

I shared this in a group setting and was told it touched some weary hearts feeling the pressure to conform to other people's expectations on debatable things like to breastfeed vs bottlefeed, to boycott or not boycott, homeschool vs public education, work vs stay at home, secular vs Christian music, dresses only vs pants, long hair vs short, worship vs secular music, ministry vs profession, homesteading vs city life, and etc.

I have found the sincerest Christians are those who aren't wrapped up in calling lifestyle choices right/wrong, but are constantly examining their own hearts and are working on their inner person. They are honest about their flaws and see their need for GRACE and HUMILITY. They aren't tangled up over debatable things because they are dealing with weightier matters like being humble, being kind even when they don't feel like it, having patience when being tested, showing agape love to the person who tried to hurt them, and so on which is basically putting action to the Word of God. Being a doer instead of just being a hearer.

They are not trying to exalt their particular way of doing things, but are working to become better examples of Christ's love for us. They are exalting the Lord and His work in their lives and are encouraging others to know Him. Romans 14 has some good advice about disputable manners. I find verse 22 particularly helpful. 

Anyone can make a list of things they do/don't do and compare it to someone else's list and find variations. However, when we make an honest assessment of how we compare to Christ (our Example), we find we all have so much to do in ourselves.

Jesus released us from the bondage of the law. Like birds turned loose from a cage, we are able to enjoy the freedoms God has given us. If God's Word says it is wrong to do, avoid doing it. If the Holy Spirit convicts you something is wrong, heed it. Work on your inner person by cultivating godliness and pulling weeds of rebellion. You don't have to live under what other people think is ideal. If we did, I'd be working in a factory and would only have two children. Live as God directs you. He will lead you to right where you should be.