Monday, May 12, 2014

Osprey 1

 photo osprey1_zps39f368bd.jpg

The Osprey are back nesting on our place. 
I have some more pictures I will share in a few days.

 photo osprey6_zpsc5f7b8dc.jpg

 photo osprey4_zpsbb04d7b4.jpg

 photo talons_zpsa0810885.jpg

 photo osprey7_zpscb7af017.jpg

 photo ospreyenjoyingbreeze_zpsab58272f.jpg
This adult Osprey was lifting its wings to enjoy the breeze off the York River.
Last year, they would fly away when I walked down the driveway. Now, they don't pay much attention to me, so I can sit down behind some grasses where I can observe and take pictures.

Update: These were taken in early April. They now have chicks in the nest!