Friday, May 16, 2014

Osprey 2

The events in these pictures happened before the other pictures I posted on the 12th. It appeared an older offspring of theirs was trying to return to the nest. Since they just started nesting here last year, I assume it was the baby they raised then. I don't see where a baby from a nest in another area would try to take over this nest. The young Osprey made so much noise trying to get them to feed it! You could hear it in the house all day long. They would chase it away, and it would come right back. I saw them feed it a fish, but did not get it on camera. After that they went back to chasing it away. It perched in a pine tree for a long time watching them and then flew away. I have not see it since. We have not been seeing the Bald Eagles as often since the Ospreys have started nesting here. Considering the Bald Eagles will prey on the young and adults and will also steal their catch, that's probably a good thing for the Osprey.

 photo osprey3_zps4ed82309.jpg

 photo osprey10_zps38a03959.jpg

 photo osprey9_zps09f48121.jpg

 photo osprey8_zpse73fdb1f.jpg

 photo osprey7_zpsf1cd21aa.jpg

 photo osprey5_zps10f75b4d.jpg
If you enlarge this one, you can see the mouth is wide open.

 photo osprey4_zps3da2eb5d.jpg