Monday, July 21, 2014

Hoop Coop #1

This will be a movable grower pen for pasture raised birds.
Clint built this one out of recycled and left over materials to see how he would like it.

 photo hoopcoop1_zps3efa156b.jpg

Putting wire on the bottom. This isn't the wire we wanted to use, but it is all the store had, so we used it.

 photo hoopcoop2_zps4fc2ea9a.jpg

bracing for around the door

 photo hoopcoop3_zpsb365a466.jpg

how he did the wire on the corners

 photo hoopcoop4_zpsf5441ad9.jpg

predator proof

He and I always work together on whatever the project is.
Sometimes that is good and sometimes.... Well, did you know that when you cut that last little piece of rolled wire, it will coil back up on itself and anyone who is working on the other side? I caught a Clint! :-) He laughed and used it to teach the children about kinetic energy. I asked for volunteers for another demonstration. :-)

 photo bendoverwire_zpsc0f83089.jpg

Where two pieces of wire overlap, we use crimps or tie-wraps and fold the edges over like this for added strength and protection of the flock. Some predators only need a tiny hole to enter a coop.

 photo tarpcover_zps86ccf206.jpg

a tarp for shade and cover
In the winter, we will convert it to a greenhouse with a layer of plastic.

 photo hoopcoop5_zpsaa1c7476.jpg

The bend at the top is because these cattle panels were recycled fencing. We will add a perch, a self closing latch that can be opened from the inside, and automatic waterer. We won't need nest boxes in this one. Clint liked it enough he immediately purchased supplies to build Hoop Coop #2.