Monday, August 25, 2014

Authentic Work of the Holy Spirit

"An authentic work of the Holy Spirit is always ultimately accompanied by:
1. The exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. An awareness of sin and a desire for repentance.
3. A burden for lost souls.
4, Reconciliation and unity among believers.
5. The faithful proclamation of, and reverence for, the Word of God.
6. A desire to love and serve others.
7. A maturing growth in holiness and personal sanctification.
If you are not seeing evidence of these earmarks, you may be observing a fleshly, man-made attempt to do something on God's behalf, but it is not the work of God's Spirit." --Israel Wayne

If you see these things missing or signs of the opposite (not glorifying the Lord, no awareness of or repentance of sins, no burden for the lost, no desire for reconciliation/unity, unfaithfulness to the Word of God/lack of knowledge of the Word of God, greed/coveting, focused on self, not others, lack of growth), beware!