Monday, December 08, 2014

Explosive Pooh

 photo 1_zpsbeb871e9.jpg
Before we scrapped Brandon's old car in September, we decided to save an airbag to have some fun.

 photo 2_zpsc9eea228.jpg

 photo 3_zps4a77393d.jpg
They wanted something to sit on the airbag when it exploded:

 photo 4_zps6646d326.jpg
If you have followed the blog since we were hosted by Cox in the late 90s, you know our Pooh has had quite a few adventures over the years. I wasn't too sure about Pooh's safety on this one, but I am out numbered! :-)

 photo 5_zpsf40533b3.jpg
I can't see his face, but I don't think Pooh is smiling in this picture.

 photo 6_zps8de54830.jpg
Dr. Asbell checked him over for injuries and announced:
No Poohs were harmed in this adventure!

A rough, unedited video: