Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Children's Outdoor Charlie Brown Tree

 photo charliebrowntree_zpsb14b56ab.jpg
They talked about this tree for weeks before it was time to cut it down. This is an Asbell Family tradition my children started on their own years ago. It's 100% in their hands. I love seeing what they will come up with each year. I sit back, watch, and enjoy their exuberance and activity!

 photo charliebrowntree2_zps6a300ef6.jpg
Hannah inspecting the brothers' work.

 photo charliebrowntree3_zpscd3608b8.jpg

 photo charliebrowntree4_zps5da40162.jpg
Caleb found a solution to the tree tipping over (see cinder blocks) and a way to reach the top!
Emily has grown a few inches taller in that last few months!

 photo charliebrowntree5_zps44cba73b.jpg
at night

 photo charliebrowntree6_zps8982f7e4.jpg

Thank You, Lord, for leading Clint and I to open my womb to Your control so we can experience the great joys of young children in our mid-40's. It was so scary to take that leap of faith, but it has been such an incredible blessing that keeps giving over and over.  I am so very thankful for all You have done in our lives!