Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wondering When God Will Answer? Get Moving

I am so thankful to Nancy Campbell and Above Rubies for the incredible testimony and blessing they have been in my life over the decades. Here is an example of a short lesson you will find on their website, magazine, or through Facebook.  If you subscribe to the magazine, please consider contributing to their ministry. 


I have always loved the testimony of Abraham's servant when he went to find a bride for Isaac. "I being in the way the Lord led me," he testified He didn't have dreams, visions, or lightning in the sky. He just obeyed his master, Abraham, who told him to go back to Haran and find a bride there.
Are you looking for God's guidance and for Him to show you His will? Don't sit around waiting. God steers a moving vessel. Do what is at hand. If God has blessed you with children, you are in the perfect will of God as you embrace mothering your children in your home. Be obedient. He will gently lead you according to His will as you fulfill what He has given to you now.
God led Abraham's servant as he walked along his obedient way. You can trust God to guide you also as you keep being obedient to God's truth. No guidance comes without obedience.
Love from Nancy"

If you are asking God to answer your prayers, take a step of faith in the right direction and see if doors are opened to you.