Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Epic Star Wars Light Saber Battle on Jockey's Ridge

Besides laser tag there was one thing Joshua, 12, said he wanted to do on our OBX vacation.
"Go to Jockey's Ridge and have an epic Star Wars light saber battle."
So, we did it!

Yes, we drew a crowd. People loved it! They even cleared the path so Clint could roll down the hill (below) in his dying scene. Have fun; enjoy life! It's too short to let the fear of possible embarrassment keep you from doing things. If your children's dreams are doable, fulfill them.

Clint is walking behind Hannah as she climbs in case she takes a tumble. You can't see her well, but you can see Emily further up the dune.
Hannah said "I want to go back and play on that Jockey's Bridge."

At one point, Amanda and Caleb were hiding in the loblolly pines. I yelled down the dune to them "You know we have woods at home, right?" Amanda yelled back "Yeah, but we are going to jump Brandon when he comes back and roll down the hill with him!"

If you visit Jockey's Ridge for your own light saber battle (or a hike), carry in your own water or make sure you take plenty of change. It is a hard hike on little ones, but doable if you take breaks, bring snacks, and keep them hydrated. This is also a great way to wear the children out if you and your spouse want some quiet time in the evening. Park your butt in the sand and let them play in the largest "sandbox" they will most likely ever see. When they stop, drop, and roll, don't worry about what anyone thinks. It's a "kid thing."

I have been asked if Star Wars: A New Hope was partially filmed on Jockey's Ridge. No. Read here.
To learn where other Star Wars movies were filmed, search the title with the word "location."