Wednesday, April 04, 2012


 Maggie is watching over our yard while the children play. Her self-appointed job is to keep a watch over all of the children, know where every member of the family is, and keep the cats away.
 Maggie and Weasel (the cat) are friends. He comes out to play with her. They take turns chasing each other. She looks like a rabbit when she runs across the yard.
 Mini-Miracle "Mini-Mi" does not like Maggie and will give her a good swat when she gets the chance. Maggie weighs three pounds. That is if I dunk her in water first. I have seen a cat swat her hard enough to send her spinning around. She still chases them though!
 Any more cats?!
There's one!!

You can see a picture of Maggie when we first got her here and here.
When we got her at 6 months old, her name was Tina, but that name seemed too small for a dog with such a big heart. We named her Sweet Magnolia Blossom aka "Maggie." She housebroke herself. She "knocks" on the door to get in and out. She paws at it, and it makes a tapping sound. She understands several words, and "cat" will get her going. If her water bowl is dirty or empty, she barks at me. If I call for one of my children, she will dance in excitement knowing they will be coming near her. Her dancing always gets her a scratch behind the ears! I learned through research and an encounter with a poodle service dog, named Lennox from the Jasmine Charitable Trust, that poodles are very intelligent dogs.