Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Banana Pie


 Clint and I bought this alligator for Hannah after she created the story about an alligator living in our pantry. As things like this go, as soon as we started looking for an alligator, there were none to be found. We probably looked in 20 stores before we just happened across this one while on vacation in Ocean City, MD. I probably scared the clerk when I exclaimed "Look Clint! An alligator!!!!"(I believe this is actually a salt water crocodile, but was happy to find something "close enough.")

When I happily presented the alligator to her, she nonchalantly said "Oh, that is my Banana Pie. She lives in the pantry." LOL! Not only does Banana Pie live in the pantry, but she does not have parents. So, she has adopted our family as hers. She will not eat us because she only eats peanut butter. She is suppose to be missing one leg, according to Hannah's imagination.

As I mentioned here in February,  Hannah was dealing with fears of spiders and the dark which she has since outgrown. I believe her creating the story about the alligator allowed her some confidence over the scary things in life. The imaginary scary thing she tamed in her story helped her conquer her fears over real threats.

On the bottom of Banana Pie, I wrote the date and a little bit of Hannah's story so we can keep it to share for the next generation. If I can find one just like it, I will buy it and nail it to the pantry wall where it will live forever to remind me of the blessings of little ones and their developing creativity. I will also be able to point to it one day and tell my grandchildren the story.