Saturday, August 25, 2012

After 24 Years, It is Time for New Kitchen Knives

     When I started working at 16, I started buying things for my future home. Among the items I purchased was a set of knives. I still have part of that set today and use them often. However, after 24 years of marriage, many of those knives are missing, and it is time to buy a new set. I wanted to invest in a good set that would last me at least another 24 years of marriage.

     The first thing I did was check Consumer Reports. I trust their reviews on products and love how they save our family money by helping us be wise stewards. The top five knife sets in their review cost respectively: $290, $600, $400, $350, and $75. The $75 model came within two points of the top rated model and one point of the $600 model. I wasn't too keen on the brand name because I associated it with cheesy TV commercials.

     Ginsu is not a brand I would have picked out if I hadn't have read the reviews on Consumer Reports. I am glad I read the reviews that compared them to more expensive models. Now I know I have good knives at a bargain price that can handle the heavy workload they will see in this household. I also have peace of mind knowing I made a good purchase.