Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Casting Call until 1/30/2013

I received this in my email and went to the website to make sure it was legitimate:
I'm writing to let you know about a casting call for your baby! A client I am working with is looking for baby sign language videos. Teaching a little one to sign early has been found to be one of the best ways for you to communicate with your child.
Here's the scoop:
Anyone who submits a video, will receive a personalized BSL t-shirt.
Videos will be displayed for everyone to see your little one signing away on Facebook.

Featured videos for the website will get $100 Amazon gift card.
4 videos will receive the Deluxe BSL Kit to continue teaching at home. There will be winners selected in four categories: Cutest, Special Needs, Most Creative and Funniest.
Babies are to be between 4-18 months of age and show the benefits of the Baby Sign Language system.

Check out the Baby Sign Language website for more details

Accepting submissions from January 9-January 30th 

Time's a wasting, so get those videos in!!!!

Eliza Ferree