Saturday, January 12, 2013

FInally Getting to the Bathroom!

We had purchased the stuff to redo this bathroom a few years ago. It was stored in the barn. The one that burned down. We repurchased the stuff with the insurance money, but have had to settle other issues the fire created. Finally, years later from when we first planned it, we are getting to the bathroom!


While Clint and I painted it and put down leftover linoleum, it had not been touched much since the 1970s. We also changed out the toilet when a toddling Brandon threw a brick from the chimney removal into the toilet.


I pulled out two layers of bathroom ceiling. Joshua went behind me and removed the nails/staples so the new ceiling could be installed. I could not get the toilet out, so Brandon helped me. He couldn't break the nuts free either, so we improvised. He lifted the sink out after I got it free. I pulled out the molding and the flooring. I took out as much of the window as I could, but Brandon had to free up the last section and take it out. We did all we could to save Clint time.


Over a weekend, Clint put in the new exhaust fan and boards for the new ceiling. He put in the replacement window. Then, he put in the sub floor and hardwood floor.

We have had a hardwood floor in our downstairs bathroom for years now. We sealed it very well and have had no problems with it at all. Hardwood floors are the only kind of flooring that seem to last for our very active and larger than normal family.