Thursday, May 09, 2013

Isaac's Twin

Earlier in the pregnancy, I had spotting and passed tissue. I also had a cessation of the symptoms of pregnancy for a while before they resumed and got stronger. This indicated a "Vanishing Twin." 

When I delivered Isaac, the doctor told me the placenta had been delivered. "Is it whole?" "Yes." Because I had a bad experience with a bit of sticky placenta in the past, I asked her again "It is completely intact?" "Yes." Then, she showed me the placenta so I would know. I saw it was intact.

After you have a loss at this point in pregnancy, the doctor will put gauze on a couple of fingers and use it to "sweep" the womb of any remaining tissue. This helps prevent infection and helps limit bleeding. She said my womb was very clean. I have had very little bleeding which has been a blessing in all of this. I am weeks ahead of where I would normally be as far as that goes.

I tell you all of that so you can get a sense of the complete and utter shock we both felt when I delivered the twin at home last night. It was very sudden and caught Clint and I both by surprise. Having had miscarriages at different stages, we knew immediately what we were looking at. Our child. Isaac's twin. 

We have saved the tiny form and will bury them when we bury Isaac. 

While we can't tell gender, the children have long requested (pleaded) for a child to be named Mary. They have been affected by this journey too, so we will give them that if they still desire it.

Update 5/11/2013: Our children still wanted Mary and decided on Mary Grace. Grace is to remind us of all of the grace God has shown us.