Thursday, May 02, 2013

Our Pediatrician

When we moved 18 years ago, people kept suggesting pediatricians to us. We visited a couple, but quickly decided the one we had was the one we wanted even if we had a long drive to get to him. We figured for simple things we could see someone local, but we wanted to hang onto the gem we found for the more serious stuff.

We are crazy about our pediatrician! We have known him for 21+ years. He is considered the best pediatrician in the region. He doesn't talk down to his patients or their parents. He does not have the "god-complex" either. If he doesn't recall something right off the bat, he will admit it and go look it up because he cares more about accuracy than appearances. He is a humble man with genuine compassion for children and a natural gift for medicine. 

He has given us his private cell phone number before and asked us to call him if anything changed while one of our children was being treated for something. It wasn't anything serious, but he still wanted to know what was going on. He really cares.

When Emily went to his office last week, he got down on her level and talked to her. He told he had been sick and had to have the same shot. He told her he knew the shot he gave her made her legs hurt very bad. "So, I know it hurts you, Emily. It hurt me too, and I am sorry that it hurts you." He asked her if she understood why he needed to give her those shots. "So my eye will get better?" Then he asked her if they were still buddies. She said yes. Then he asked her for a hug, and she gladly gave him one. Emily wants to go back and see him...minus the shots, of course!

He even sent his congratulations on the pregnancy back to me through Clint.

We can't go see him for everything due to the distance, but it is so nice to have this relationship with him where when we call, he knows it is serious and knows we need him. He stands ready to help us even though he may see us less than once a year. He willingly gives us the information we need to make the best decisions, and isn't insulted by questions. He is an awesome man, and I am thankful God put him in our lives.