Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Angels We Have Heard on High

Last year, our 25 year old Christmas tree angel stopped working. Clint had repaired her for the second time about 5 years earlier. She was looking dingy from the years of sitting on our tree. We asked the children if they wanted to go to the store and pick out a new one together. "NO!!!! We want to keep OUR angel!!!" was the unanimous answer. We decided then to use her as she was and make the needed repairs for this year.

 photo angel1_zpsc8a8c96d.jpg

Amanda took her apart and cleaned the porcelain. I washed the clothing. The plastic skirt support was yellowed and crumbling with age. So we put our heads together and improvised.

 photo angel2_zpsaee2880b.jpg

The children were excited to get a rare bottle of soda!

 photo angel3_zps72f7447e.jpg 

Nice Clint! But, where's her arm?!

   photo angel4_zps935bba28.jpg

The angel had something up her sleeve! Clint had to modify the light support and rewire her with white lights. He was carefully watched by everyone as he worked.

 photo 1_zps7404488d.jpg

Thanks to a whole family effort, she's now back where she belongs!

She was just a humble little $5 tree topper bought by a newlywed couple for their first Christmas together. We commented then that we'd get something grander later. Now, she is full of priceless memories, and I can't imagine anything grander than our humble little angel.