Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Around Here: December 2013

It is the one year anniversary of when my friend's son, her only child, was killed in a car accident. Rickey would have been very proud of how Liane crawled under her house in the dark and fixed her own water pump with Clint's help via phone. She didn't like it, but did it! Please pray for Liane today. 

Clint finally received his new office! He is busy ordering furnishings and setting it up so it works for him. He has been able to tackle several projects around the house. We need prayer we will have the energy and stamina to get the long list of things we need done before next spring when two large projects start. 

 photo treeheight_zps8d0de73b.jpg
The pine tree Clint cut down for us was well over 78 feet tall!! I couldn't measure the very tip because he cut it off before I could get to it. 

I am sharpening my counseling skills as there has been a greater increase of women coming to me with heavy burdens. It seems to be where the Lord is leading me for at least the time being. Much of this has come about through my pregnancy loss. It has been an amazing journey so far. I want to learn from other lay counselors how to be more helpful to these women and how to boost their faith to give them strength. Herbal medicine is frequently tied into the equation, so I am going to deepen my studies there also. Please pray for me to speak God's truth in love and be a real help to these women and their families. I also have some other things in the works that have me very excited as well.

Clint and I are very much looking forward to some quiet time alone together at our new spot after Christmas and the New Year.

In late October, Brandon was asked to help set up the $10k community Christmas tree. He is currently helping with the community light show. This has been a delight to him and to us. He has also received yet another promotion at work which is allowing him to learn a different part of the career. He just bought a car too.

Amanda is doing very well in college and in her new job. She has short and long term goals in mind career and living wise, but I am unable to share since doing so might thwart her plans. Things are going very well for her, and she is very happy. She kept the theme she started with "Ruby" and named her new car "Pearl."  

At 14, Joshua is fairly strong, so now that my strength has mostly returned and my torn stomach has finally healed from the rough pregnancy, the two of us are able to tag team a lot of projects around the house. Since Brandon and Amanda have been working, he and I have become even closer. I am enjoying the time with him very much and know it will too quickly pass. He and I are constantly joking with one another. He touched Clint and I when he gave all of the money he had to help a family who is struggling with a lot of unexpected living expenses.

Caleb is doing well. His energy level is back, and he resumed normal activities weeks ago. His weight dropped off some once he started back to normal. Then he went through a growth spurt which makes him look skinnier. So, he still needs to gain some weight and build up his strength and endurance levels, but that will come in time. We have known three other families who have gone through appendicitis since he did. Caleb has been able to empathize with the other children. He is planning to build more birdhouses since the bluebirds like the ones he has made so far.

 photo 1_zps42bf08d1.jpg
His mate is in the house Caleb built.

Bethany is a lot help with the younger girls. She is always pitching in to help with school work, meals, and bath time. Her sweet disposition makes her a real pleasure to be around. She is making jewelry and is looking forward to helping me paint her bedroom when I begin updating all five bedrooms.

Emily is 75% of the way through her online Kindergarten course! She is loving school! She loves to bake, so we are planning to make a lot of cookies for gift giving together.

Hannah has shot up in height! She is still my snuggle bug and loves to be rocked. She follows me around during the day which I am enjoying. You can cause an upset if you peel her banana all the way. She likes to eat them partially peeled "like monkeys do." :-)

 photo pigtailkindofday_zps11ab9be7.jpg
Hannah on a pig tail kind of day!
Yes, I use the cast iron...on the stove, in the oven, in the woodstove, cooking outdoors here on our place, and over an open fire when camping. I am far too practical to have that much money in something that doesn't get used.